C SEED 262 is World’s Largest Widescreen 4K TV

If you have $577,500 (installed) to spend on a TV, you are in luck. Austrian luxury electronics brand C SEED has announced the largest 4K widescreen TV in the world, the C SEED 262, where the 262 stands for inches.

Unlike previous TV offerings from the company, this unit is designed for indoor use. The display uses direct-emitting LEDs with a 1.5mm pixel pitch, which C SEED calls “black LED technology.” That means it is an emissive display, much like OLED and plasma.

The C SEED 262 contains a total of 7 million LEDs and has an aspect ratio of 2.40:1. The actual resolution is 1716 pixels (H) by 4096 pixels (W). This display delivers 800-nit peak brightness with wide color gamut.

The company claims it offers a “perfect” viewing experience, even when used in a bright sunny room. Since the screen is made of LED modules typically used for commercial displays like billboards and scoreboards, hopefully you can’t see the grid.

The native static contrast ratio of the screen is 5000:1, and it offers a 160-degree viewing angle. C SEED specifies a “processing depth” of 281 trillion colors, which hints at support for 16-bit video. Oddly, none of the literature mentions support for HDR, but with 800-nit peak luminance this display should easily handle high dynamic range content.

Along with the huge size comes a need for lots of power. Typically, this TV will draw 2850 watts but maximum power consumption is listed as 11,400 watts. So, you’ll want to consult with an electrician when you have it installed.

This display comes with an integrated 4K media server as well as an integrated ten-speaker sound system. It even includes a motorized fabric cover that hides and protects the screen.

Clearly, the C SEED 262 is designed for the AV enthusiast who has it all, except for a TV that’s the size of the living room wall in their mansion.