New $6000 HiFiMan Susvara Planar Magnetic Headphones Announced

HiFiMan Susvara Headphones and EF1000 Amplifier

The race to build ultra-premium headphones with ever lower distortion and broader frequency response continues unabated. The new HiFiMan Susvara continues this trend by promising uncompromised performance at a price point of $6000.

At the core of Susvara (previously known as the Edition 6 when it was a prototype) is an ultrathin Nanotech driver that is only 0.001 mm thick. This diaphragm is so light, it offers transient response that results in extraordinary broad frequency response (6 Hx to 75 kHz) as well as extreme resolution in headphones that weight less than one pound.

HiFiMan says that it designed special “Stealth Magnets” for this model that, thanks to their shape, don’t interfere with soundwave reproduction.

HiFiMan Susvara Headphones
Susvara planar magnetic headphones by HiFiMan

Company founder and president, Dr. Fang Bian, stated that “Planar magnetic technology is not new, though we have been developing it for nearly a decade. Anyone who has followed our progress, as well as the entire category, has seen and heard enormous strides in the performance of planar headphones. Susvara represents another step forward in what is possible with planar magnetic tech.”

HiFiMAN notes these are low-sensitivity headphones (83 dB) that require a powerful amplifier for optimum performance. Unsurprisingly, HiFiMan has a suggestion, the EF1000  “is recommended by the company and known to be an excellent match.” This statement piece of an amp outputs 20 watts of class A power into a 35-ohm load. If you buy the two together, the price of the kit is $18,000.

So there you have it. For 18 grand, you can put together a headphone rig that promises “remarkable, lifelike openness with virtually no distortion.”

When HiFiMan exhibited the Edition 6 prototype paired with the EF1000 at CanJam, some said that sounded better than the $50,000 Shangri-La. If true, could it be that this is a bargain of sorts? Regardless, Susvara makes it crystal clear that HiFiMAN is serious about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with planar magnetic headphone technology. These headphones are available now.