Poll: How Do You Primarily Listen to Music?

Music Poll

While most people like to listen to music, where and how they consume it varies wildly. For portable headphones users, the act of listening is personal and serves as a soundtrack to whatever they do. Hi-Fi fanatics do their listening with full-sized systems, often enjoy the company of like-minded hobbyists, and often have a room dedicated to their pursuit. Some folks combine the worlds of personal audio and Hi-Fi. They listen to large, high-fidelity headphone rigs while at home in a quest to experience the ultimate in audio fidelity.

There are people who are enamored with live performances and put the time in to attend concerts. And then there are the musicians of the world, who enjoy making their own music or who play professionally.

Other listeners use commute time to jam out to favorite tunes in the pseudo-privacy of their cars, or on headphones while traveling in a train or bus. And there are plenty of folks who enjoy music as a lifestyle enhancement, playing in the background through some sort of wireless speaker system.

Of course, many people consume tunes in more ways than one. But, in this poll, please choose the primary place and method you use to listen to music. Mind you, this could be different from your favorite way to listen. If you enjoy music playing through your home stereo, but you listen to tunes twice as much in your car than at home, the proper answer for this poll is car. Having said that, I made the poll multiple-choice in case you feel no one option covers your situation.

The question is: How Do You Primarily Listen to Music?

1. In my car

2. At live concerts

3. With headphones

4. On a full-sized stereo or surround-sound system

5. Using wireless lifestyle audio speakers

6. Through a TV, soundbar, or sound stand

7. I play an instrument and that’s what I listen to the most

8. I don’t voluntarily listen to music

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