Sony Introduces X690E and X720E Series HDR 4K TVs

Sony has introduced two new TV models that bring support for 4K with HDR home at pleasing prices. The KD-X720E line consists of three smaller models at 43″, 49″, and 55″ screen sizes while the 60″ And 70″ KD-X690E models have larger screens and are direct-backlit.

Aside from the difference in size, the published specs for the two lines are practically identical. That includes support for HDR10 video, 4K upscaling, three HDMI inputs (with ARC support), three USB ports with broad file format support, and 60 Hz (native) LCD panels.

All five models feature Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro video processing that has a sterling reputation when it comes to video processing and upscaling. Sony also touts the use of MotionFlow XR refresh rate technology for improved motion clarity.

The main differentiating factor between these models is whether the panel is edgelit or backlit. The KD-690E models are backlit, but they are not FALD units; they offer frame dimming but not local dimming. The smaller KD-720E models are edgelit but also use frame dimming as opposed to local dimming.

All five models feature ClearAudio technology and come with remote controls that offer dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix.

These new models are available to preorder from major Sony authorized retailers including Best Buy and Amazon. You can expect retail availability of the X720E series by the end of this month, X690E models will be in stores by early August.

Models and Prices (MSRP)

Sony KD-X720E Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs

KD-43X720E (43″): $899.99
KD-49X720E (49″): $999.99
KD-55X720E (55″): $1,099.99

Sony KD-X690E Series 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs

KD-60X690E (60”): $1,299.99
KD-70X690E (70”): $1,999.99