Vizio Announces Retail Availability of 2017 M-Series and P-Series XLED HDR Displays

Vizio 2017 M-Series and P-Series XLED UHD Displays

If you have plans to buy a 2017 Vizio M-Series or P-Series XLED display, the wait is over. The Irvine, CA based company announced immediate retail availability of its mid-range and premium 2017 lines of HDR-capable Ultra HD flat-panel SmartCast displays that all feature full-array local dimming. In other words, the new Vizios are available in stores now.

Pricing for the new models, which can be found at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco:

The M-Series consists of the 50″ M50-E1 ($599), 55″ M55-E0 ($699), 65″ M65-E0 ($1199), 70″ M70-E3 ($1799), and the 75″ M75-E1 ($2499).

The P-Series has three models: The 55″ P55-E1 ($999), 65″ P65-E1 ($1699), and the 75″ P75-E1 ($3499).

For 2017, Vizio’s P-Series is based on the same hardware as the 2016 model—including a 128-zone FALD backlight. That means its improvements are all based on software updates that improve picture quality and the user experience.

Vizio’s 2017 M-Series gains exciting new capabilities. These “Ultra HD HDR XLED Plus” displays now offer WCG (wide color gamut), 600-nit HDR peaking, and 300-nit continuous peak luminance. By comparison, the 2016 model only offered 300-nit continuous peak luminance, no HDR peaking.

These mainstream models sport a 32-zone FALD backlight that helps boost contrast. Richer colors and brighter highlights are clear performance improvements in the 2017 M-Series, as compared to the 2016 M-Series.

Vizio’s P-Series receives accolades for its excellent image quality and price/performance ratio. For 2017, the company touts advances in picture quality achieved through improvements in the FALD algorithm. Notably, 2016 P-Series TVs will receive the same firmware and effectively become 2017 models.

Both the M-Series and P-Series Vizios offer support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR. HDR10 is the standard used on UHD Blu-ray and offered for streaming by Amazon, Netflix, and Youtube (with Vudu coming soon). Dolby Vision is a more advanced HDR format that uses dynamic metadata to custom tailor video to the display it’s shown on. Dolby Vision is just now showing up as an extra on Ultra HD Blu-rays and is the default UHD HDR streaming format for Vudu.

The 2017 M-Series and P-Series displays all feature SmartCast, a networked streaming platform based on Google Cast. What’s new this year is the reintroduction of a traditional remote control; 2016 models came with a tablet. This works in conjunction with a new on-screen UI that precisely mirrors the mobile app. The benefit is that SmartCast does not require a second screen to use.

Despite the inclusion of the remote control, Vizio will continue to provide a SmartCast app for folks who prefer to browse content that way. Due to the lack of tuner, these models can’t be called TVs, but they do have smart TV functionality.

Anyhow, the main news here is that you can find these TVs in stores now.