$1 Hike in Netflix 2-Screen Monthly Subscription

New Netflix subscribers will have to pony up an additional 3 and 1/3 cents per day to get an unlimited fix of whatever show is the binge of the moment. That’s right, the price of a standard Netflix streaming subscription plan is going up by $1 per month—but only for new subscribers. The cost of the service’s most popular streaming option—the 2-screen plan—is now $10 per month.
Netflix 2-screen streaming plan price hike 2
The $1 per month price increase for new Netflix subscribers is in effect.


The 2-screen plan that is subject to the price hike grants subscribers access to two simultaneous streams in resolutions up to HD 1080p. A less-expensive 1-screen plan only offers SD video resolution, and it stays at $8 per month. For $12 per month, the 4-screen plan offers up to Ultra HD resolution (2160 x 3840 pixels) and allows up to four simultaneous streams.The increase in monthly cost for the 2-screen HD plan will take effect before the end of the year, but it will only apply to new memberships. Existing Netflix subscribers will not see an increase right away, the company says it’ll extend a one-year grace period before implementing the new rate in October 2016.