2017 Samsung QLED TV Lines Gain Ultra HD Premium Certification from UHD Alliance

UHD Premium Samsung QLED TV

All of the 2017 QLED TV models from Samsung have earned Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD alliance. Per Samsung’s press release, the certification applies to all the 2017 Q-Series TVs: the Q7F, Q7C, Q8C, and Q9F.

UHD Premium certification means that a qualifying display meets a set of agreed-upon performance parameters established by the UHD Alliance’s many members. For Samsung’s QLED TVs, that means hitting 1000-nit highlights with black levels as low as 0.05 nits. It also means the TV can cover 90% of the DCI/P3 gamut used in commercial cinema.

Ultra HD Premium Logo
The Ultra HD Premium Logo.

When it comes to wide color gamut (WCG) Samsung says its QLEDs go further than the spec requires and cover 100% of DCI/P3. Plus they do so at all brightness levels, a capability referred to as 100% color volume.

“It’s an honor to receive this stamp of approval from the UHD Alliance,” said MS Kim, executive VP of visual display business at Samsung. “We are proud to continue offering our consumers a premium Ultra HD home entertainment experience with our 2017 QLED TV lineup.”

On the consumer side, the UHD Premium logo amounts to shorthand that a given display will do justice to the latest content including HDR played from an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, from a HDR-capable video game console or PC, as well as streamed from YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix.

I’m in the midst of doing a hands-on review of the Q9 QLED, which will post sometime in the next couple of days. You can also read about my first impressions of the Q9 in this article.