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Avs Retro Style

This Article revised 2/17/13... now describes a Modified Retro Style (Retro accents without the bright blue background)


Here's a way to get a Modified Retro style. It was designed to work with the AVS Black Skin. It also works "acceptably" with the Default Skin if you're not logged in. You select the AVS Black Skin in your Profile under "Visual Preferences" towards the bottom of your Profile options..


It provides Retro-style accents, eliminates the right sidebar, and adds a thin gold line on left edge of thread title box as a visual indicator that you've posted there.


This is not a permanent change to your browser... at any time, you can Disable it as instructed below.


Here's what your pages will look like if you select the AVS Black skin:


1-Sample Thread List - Black Skin... click for larger view and slideshow



2-Sample Post with Quotes - Black Skin... click for larger view and slideshow


Here's what your pages will look like if you select the AVS Default skin or view without logging in:


3-Sample Thread List - Default Skin... click for larger view and slideshow



4-Sample Post with Quotes - Default Skin... click for larger view and slideshow




Below are instructions and style code (in box) for this Modified AVS Retro style for each browser.


1. Open the browser you want to add the Modified Retro Style to.


2. Log in to avsforum and select the AVS Black skin in your Profile. Click Save,


3. Install the "Stylish" add-on/extension in Firefox/Chrome.

    With Firefox open, add Stylish to Firefox here.

    With Chrome open, add Stylish to Chrome here.


4. Copy and use code in box below as instructed for each browser: Make sure you Save.

     If you want to replace old Retro, you can paste over the old code and change the style name to Modified AVS Retro.

     If you want to keep the old Retro style, you can Disable it and create a new style with a different name.

     If you keep both new and old Retro styles, make sure you Disable the one you don't want to use.

  • For FF, copy ALL code in box.
    In browser, open Tools > Add-ons > Stylish > Write New Style.
    Name it Modified AVS Retro, then paste copied code > Save.
    To enable/disable: Tools > Add-ons > User Styles > Enable or Disable.
  • For Chrome, start copy at #sidebar.
    In browser, click Stylish button in top menu bar > Manage installed styles > Write new style.
    Under Add Style, enter Name: Modified AVS Retro, click Enabled checkbox, then paste copied code.
    Click Specify > Applies to > URLs starting with > enter http://www.avsforum.com > Save.
    In browser, click Stylish button and select (make sure) your new style is Enabled. Refresh if needed to activate new style.
    To enable/disable: click Stylish icon in upper right, select Enable or Disable.

  • For IE, start copy at #sidebar.
    Paste in Notepad or other text editor and Save as Modified AVS Retro, then change extension from .txt to .css.
    Open Internet Options > Accessibility > User style sheet. Check box "Format documents using my style sheet."
    Browse to your new .css file and select it. Click OK/OK, refresh (F5).
    With new CSS file or changes, reselect new/revised css file and refresh browser.
    To enable/disable: Internet Options > Accessibility > User style sheet. Check or uncheck box "Format documents using my style sheet."


  • For Opera, start copy at #sidebar.
    In browser, click Opera tab at top left and scroll down to Extensions > Get Extensions.
    In Search box, enter Include CSS. On next pg, click Include CSS name. On next pg, click on Add to Opera button.
    Go back to avsforum.com, refresh (F5), then click on Include CSS icon in top right corner of toolbar.
    Click New button, name it Modified AVS Retro, Paste code. Save. Refresh (F5)..
@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);
@-moz-document domain("avsforum.com")

#sidebar {
  display: None;

#main-container {
  min-width: 400px !important;

table.forum-list-tbl.navigation.vertical tr th {
  background: #982A67 !important;

table.forum-list-tbl tr td,
table.forum-list-tbl tr th {
  border: 1px solid #982A67 !important;
  border-collapse: collapse;

tr.mod-select-parent.viewer-has-replied td.thread-col {
  border-left: 2px solid #FFFF00 !important;

span.forum-list-sub-txt {
  display: none;

div.post-header {
  background: #982A67 !important;

div.postbit-underlay {
  background: #2F304F !important;

.wiki_markup .quote-container div.quote-block {
  color: #FFDF63;
  background: rgb(47,48,79) !important;
  border:  1px solid #982A67 !important; }


Comments (5)

Running FF 6.0.1 and this add on is great!
Losing RETRO was my biggest complaint about the new AVS platform and this add-on has taken care of that
Now if I can find work-a-rounds for my other complaints I'll almost be back to the point I was before the change......
Thanks for the tip Wajo!
One caveat for those who don't always login. Since the default is not Black you get what Wajo warned of above when using the default.....some things are kind of hard to view. Still I prefer that to the blinding white of default
Thanks for comments, jjeff.
One other person PM'd me that he was happy to see this because he didn't feel "at home" without his Retro Style. Ditto for me!

I updated the Code 7/19/12 for a problem with IE (no color background in Quote box).
You did it again Wajo! the modified AVS Retro(addd 2/17/13) makes it much easier to read when not logging on, thanks again!
Thank you for the work at keeping us old fogies happy!
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