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The Best of the ‘Greatest Home Theater Moment Ever’ Contest

We received many inspiring submissions from AVS members when we asked you to share your most meaningful home theater moment of all time with us. The responses varied widely, but all drove home and emphasised the passion and love that we all share for achieving a true cinematic experience in our own home.


After much deliberation, we’re happy to announce that the winner of a $100 gift card to Amazon is AVS member Moggie! It’s impossible not to smile ear to ear when reading his submission:


I've had many great experiences in my home theater but the most memorable was one about halfway through its construction before any movie had been watched. I had just spent 2 weeks building a large fiber optic star ceiling and turned it on just before my 8 year-old daughter came to check on me. She thought the ceiling looked so real she disappeared for a few minutes, then came back with blanket, drinks, snacks and a orange glow stick (for a fire).


We both sat under the stars and had a picnic! Totally cool and better than Disneyland!!



Congratulations, Moggie! There were plenty of other awesome stories as well, so we’d like to showcase the best of the rest, each of which remind us why we’re a part of the AVS community in the first place: a true love and passion for home entertainment. Enjoy reading the submissions, we know we did!




EASY PEASY on this one guys! The very first time my brother, father and two nephews came over for their first taste of "Saving Private Ryan" on dvd in DTS 5.1... After the first battle scene for Omaha Beach...Dad yelled "pause"...the whole group of guys got down on the floor on their knees, pointed in the direction of TV and gear, wailed and chanted, as if it were the Mecca of home-theater nirvana...saying, "All Hail the Ninth Wonder of the World!!!!"


It was absolutely hilarious but...it was the first time they had been exposed to good home theater with regard to both crisp video as well as rib-shaking audio assaulting the senses from all directions. My poor father looked like he was plastered to the recliner as he had never ever ever heard or felt the rumbling of a subwoofer.


Going forward my house became the central location for "first" with regard to seeing hi-def TV, Blu-ray, HDDVD etc etc...


For what its worth, the gear at that time was simply:

-Sony 35" XBR crt

-Pioneer BUDGET 5.1 avr

-Toshiba 2nd generation flagship dvd player

-JBL bookshelfs and 12"sub




My best time was just last weekend with field of dreams on the 10 foot 2.37:1 screen. With 6 of my son’s little league teammates. It brought tears to my eyes. I had to hold off bringing the lights up.



Over ten years ago we ventured into our first front projector (crt) and upon initial set-up we popped in Toy Story on Laser Disc, my (at the time) very young and non verbal autistic son was just in awe and for the first time he giggled at the funny parts of the movie and we were so overjoyed that he followed and understood what was going on, to this day he loves the big screen as much as dad.




Mine had to be the time my daughter (around 8) had a sleepover and they were watching some Pixar flick. I had each seating position in the couches hooked up to bass shakers, and my daughter thought they were the coolest thing. She called them "booty shakers" and asked me to not to say anything to the other girls. Well, during a particularly bass heavy scene, one of the girls leaped out of the sofa in fright screaming, "There's something wrong with the couch!"


We laughed so hard while we explained the setup to her. She liked it once she understood it.


Vasim Pathan:

Mine was a few years ago, got my PJ, surround, etc. set up and turned on my buttkicker for some friends we had over. I put in Avatar, I go into the kitchen 20 minutes into the move and my kid comes running, “Baba, Baba, your theater is on fire!!” My wife came into the room as I put out the flame coming out of the amp. She had this look like WTH... I assure her it’s all part of the sensory experience. lol




My oldest son came home from college last summer and went with friends to see Iron Man II at the theater. When he got back home that night I asked how the movie was since I was not going to the theater to see this but was going to wait for the Blu-ray.


He shook his head in that disappointed way and said, "I should have waited until you got the movie and watched it here at home."


His overall review - The image quality and, more than that, the sound quality in the theater was a letdown.


OH YEAH! The home theater is a winner and I learned everything from AVSForum.com!




Took my rig on the road and set it up for a viewing room at a convention I help out with. When everything was set up, I queued up some demo videos and let 'em play. People walking by in the hallway outside literally stopped in their tracks and wandered in, and looking out into the hallway was like watching a groundhog community with other people popping heads out of other rooms in curiosity. Exactly the effect I wanted...My Hsu Research VTF-3 MK4 rumbled a lighting fixture loose during that same demo run, that kept rattling along the entire weekend and showed up in the list of repairs from the convention center's final bill.


Funniest moment was probably showing a roommate Band of Brothers for the first time. He fell out his his chair at the start of the first major fire fight, cursing and pointing at my surround system, saying "I wasn't expecting that from this setup. It's like I'm under fire here."



My first ever home theater didn't cost all that much and wasn't all that impressive, but when my mother-in-law leaned over and asked if I could refill her popcorn at the concession stand and passed me a $10 bill, I couldn't help but smile. She totally forgot she wasn't in the theater! We all laughed about it later, but it meant I did a pretty good job on a shoestring budget of about $1500.


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These were really awesome - this is one of the reasons AVS is so great. I had to share Moggie's with my friends...I love that story
These are all such amazing moments! Love that skarydrunkguy's mother-in-law forgot they were at home and Moggie, that picture of your daughter (and ceiling) are wonderful.
Great Stories - really enjoyed the winning one!
Yup. No doubter there. There were some great entries, but Moggie's was a cut above.
Thanks everyone. I just shared the news with my daughter and after jumping up and down she demanded $25...
So, why does the pic for this story on AVS' home page not show Moggie's theater?? Oh, and BTW, congrats for sure! I read your story to my wife and she loved it!
Congrats Moggie. Your daughter will do well in the business world.
Well done Moggie, thanks for sharing.
Those were some great stories!
thats so sweet, and i love the picture.
I like to tell my guests that I can not charge for the movie, but the popcorn is $8.00.
How about, "Bring your own movie, the equipment rents for $50 for as many as you can fit." I don't do that though...
AVS › AVS Articles › The Best of the ‘Greatest Home Theater Moment Ever’ Contest