Atlantic Technology Unveils LCR2 Ultra-Compact Speakers

Ahead of CEDIA 2016, AV speaker specialist Atlantic Technology has released a new model that is its smallest-ever. The LCR2 ($200 each) falls squarely into the satellite category with its 3.5-inch composite polypropylene/paper woofer and its 0.75-inch silk-dome tweeter housed in a sealed enclosure.

The LCR2’s front baffle is designed to reduce diffraction and improve clarity. The company says the speaker offers smooth bass down to 100 Hz, noting in the press release that it’s low enough to avoid subwoofer localization in a sub/sat system. The actual frequency-response spec is 115 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 3dB) with a crossover at 3.5kHz. The speaker offers 125 watts of power handling with 6 ohms impedance.

Atlantic Technology claims the LCR2 “Is a true high fidelity product that is designed to deliver excellent audio reproduction for smaller applications and to outperform competitors in its size category.” The 4.75″ (wide) x 8″ (high) x 5″ (wide) cabinet includes a built-in dual-direction keyhole bracket for wall-mount and stand-mount applications. These speakers can also be placed on a shelf, desk, or table.

It’s small news about small speakers, I know. But, since these are the smallest speakers ever from Atlantic Technology, they get an AVS Forum homepage post. I look forward to seeing—and perhaps hearing—some LCR2s at CEDIA.

The LCR2 is available now and comes in a gloss black or gloss white finish.