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Catching The Home Theater Illness

  By David Bott, 10/24/12 Founder, AVS Forum   So there you are, the proud new owner of your newly built Home Theater. The room came out like you wanted, you have all the extras, and things are just right -- you can settle down now. Humm…Nope! Let me tell you something here. You are NEVER done with your Home Theater. In fact, you just may be ill.   You read me right: you're really not done. And it's more than likely that you will never be. Sure, you may be watching movies and enjoying your new theater, but you see, you will just never seem to stop... read more

The Best of the “Worst Install Mistake” Contest

  Back in June, we ran a contest where we asked AVS members to share their worst home theater installation mistakes ever for a chance to win an Epson projector. The responses we got were both hilarious and heartbreaking, often simultaneously. There were tales of smashed plasmas, fried, smoking electronics, electrocution, pets and children causing destruction, and of course, lots of faulty wiring.   This “EPIC FAIL” thread was one for the records, and we thought it too good to slip quietly into the archives without highlighting some of the best/worst stories... read more

Top 20 Most Wanted Unreleased Blu-rays

  By Eric Podolsky, 10/12/12   As the Blu-ray format slowly pushes DVDs into yesterday’s news, us videophiles couldn’t be happier with the ever-growing plethora of old films getting remastered and released in a pristine HD format. We are very grateful to live in a time when we’re able to experience film at a cinematic level in our own homes -- Blu-ray has truly improved the quality of home theater in ways that none of us could fathom a decade ago.   But there are still a massive number of classic films that, for whatever reason, have yet to get the proper HD... read more

7 Amazing 3D Blu-rays For Your Home Theater

  By Eric Podolsky, 10/10/12   As the 3D Blu-ray market grows larger with every passing year, we’re finding it harder and harder to sift through the plethora of mediocre 3D films to find ones that are truly worthy of our home theater. It’s certainly true that there is a discrepancy between what constitutes a good film and a good 3D film -- eye-popping 3D visuals will often make up for the lack of a good plot when it comes to 3D Blu-rays. Conversely, while there are plenty of fantastic movies that have been released on 3D Blu-ray, most of the time 3D just doesn’t... read more

Projectors 101: AVS’ Favorites

    By Eric Podolsky, 10/03/12   If there’s one thing that becomes readily apparent from browsing AVS Forum’s wealth of informative threads, it’s that the AVS community takes projectors very seriously. There are few topics onsite that inspire the amount of time and dedication in our members as projectors do, and AVS Forum takes great pride in our wealth of lengthy threads that contain invaluable information submitted by our resident projector experts. There’s no denying that the world of projectors can be a rabbit hole that leads to endless experimenting,... read more

Home Theater: What Is It Now, Anyway?

  By David Bott, 10/02/12   Okay, I need to ask something here. It is something that has been bugging me for some time now. The question is, what is currently considered to be a “home theater"?   What I mean is, “home theater” use to be just that: a personal theater in someone’s home.  But lately, it seems that people are using the term “home theater” to talk about anything to do with audio and video in their home. I have even heard people say, “I now have a home theater!” because they had hooked up something that did 5.1 for the first time. Now don’t get... read more

Fall's Most Anticipated Blu-Ray Releases

  By Eric Podolsky   8/17/12   As the summer winds down and the brutal heat starts to subside, we find ourselves looking forward to reaping the bountiful harvest of new Blu-ray releases in store for the fall. With such a barrage of first-time Blu-ray releases on autumn’s horizon, our couches are guaranteed to see plenty of action as the days get cooler.   Titanic - 2D and 3D - 9/10     James Cameron’s ambitious blockbuster comes to Blu-ray for the first time, and should look great with its new 3D facelift. Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures -... read more

10 Video Games To Show Off Your Home Theater

By Chris Abbott, 7/24/2012 With the amazing high-def, 3D visuals that were introduced in this most recent generation of gaming consoles, video games are definitely one of the best ways to show off a killer home theater system these days. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like cranking up the receiver and getting completely immersed in an intense gaming experience. And while it’s virtually impossible to truly narrow down a list of best HD gaming experiences, we decided to give it a shot with some of our favorites. From the explosion-laden Battlefield 3 to the... read more

5 Best Wireless Routers For Your Money

    By Eric Podolsky, 9/10/12   As we collectively hurtle into the brave, new world of streaming, our ever-increasing bandwidth demands present us with constant challenges. The amount of data we stream continues to increase exponentially, and the routers we use to transmit said data are becoming obsolete faster than ever before. Thanks to a growing pool of streaming HD entertainment and games, the typical 300 Mbps wireless router just isn’t going to hold up to demands pressed upon it.   Naturally, as our hardware becomes increasingly unable to handle the... read more

The Best of the ‘Greatest Home Theater Moment Ever’ Contest

We received many inspiring submissions from AVS members when we asked you to share your most meaningful home theater moment of all time with us. The responses varied widely, but all drove home and emphasised the passion and love that we all share for achieving a true cinematic experience in our own home.   After much deliberation, we’re happy to announce that the winner of a $100 gift card to Amazon is AVS member Moggie! It’s impossible not to smile ear to ear when reading his submission: Quote: I've had many great experiences in my home theater but... read more

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