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20 Blu-ray Discs To Show Off Your HD Display

Since the advent of high definition media, we as enthusiasts have strived to seek out the titles that would satisfy our insatiable thirst for the type of high quality presentations that give us that special thrill when we see them on our displays at home. As a writer that covers Blu-ray disc releases, I am fortunate in that a large number of movies pass through my players. You would think that having written over a thousand reviews that my thirst for the next thrilling high definition presentation would be diminished. Well, like most of you reading this, it isn’t. When I... read more

Projectors 101: AVS’ Favorites

    By Eric Podolsky, 10/03/12   If there’s one thing that becomes readily apparent from browsing AVS Forum’s wealth of informative threads, it’s that the AVS community takes projectors very seriously. There are few topics onsite that inspire the amount of time and dedication in our members as projectors do, and AVS Forum takes great pride in our wealth of lengthy threads that contain invaluable information submitted by our resident projector experts. There’s no denying that the world of projectors can be a rabbit hole that leads to endless experimenting,... read more

20 Awesome Horror Movies

  By Eric Podolsky, 10/22/12   It’s that time of year again. October is the month in which we give ourselves permission to revel in the perverse, to take pleasure in fear, to seek out the dark things from which we recoil the other 11 months of the year. In a nutshell, it’s horror movie time here at AVS! Whether the macabre and gruesome is your bag or not, there is a deep, deep well of lost and not-so-lost horror/thriller classics to explore. Lucky for us, AVS has a dedicated contingent of horror movie aficionados who are more than happy to help us decide where to... read more

AVS Forum's Top 7 Blu-ray Players

As far as source devices in your home theater are concerned, nothing is as good as a Blu-ray player and Blu-ray discs. These discs offer superior picture and sound quality over high-definition broadcast, cable, or satellite TV as well as all online streamed and downloaded content. Best of all, many Blu-ray players are well under $200.   The basic digital performance of most Blu-ray players is about equal—the differences lie in the analog-audio outputs (if any) and the feature set. All of them can play Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs and audio CDs and all the various... read more

7 Amazing 3D Blu-rays For Your Home Theater

  By Eric Podolsky, 10/10/12   As the 3D Blu-ray market grows larger with every passing year, we’re finding it harder and harder to sift through the plethora of mediocre 3D films to find ones that are truly worthy of our home theater. It’s certainly true that there is a discrepancy between what constitutes a good film and a good 3D film -- eye-popping 3D visuals will often make up for the lack of a good plot when it comes to 3D Blu-rays. Conversely, while there are plenty of fantastic movies that have been released on 3D Blu-ray, most of the time 3D just doesn’t... read more

AVS Forum's Top 10 Projectors

If you want a true cinematic experience at home, nothing beats a front projector and a separate screen, just like they use in commercial theaters. Such a system can provide a much larger picture than just about any flat panel. On the downside, projectors are trickier to set up than flat panels, and in most cases, the picture washes out with even a little ambient light in the room. You can combat this by getting an ambient light-rejecting screen and/or a very bright projector, but both of these options increase the total cost.   [Jump to Top 10 Projectors]   Lamps... read more

25 Top Blu-ray releases for 2012

In looking back over this year’s Blu-ray releases I would say that 2012 had its share of noteworthy offerings. This includes new films coming to the format as well as catalog titles several of which have received re-mastered video with impressive results. While the year isn’t quite over I wanted to take a look at 25 Blu-ray releases that I found to be special. This isn’t limited solely to discs that received reference marks from me for audio/video although there are many. I have included the Final Thoughts portion from my review of each along with a link to the review... read more

Top 20 Most Wanted Unreleased Blu-rays

  By Eric Podolsky, 10/12/12   As the Blu-ray format slowly pushes DVDs into yesterday’s news, us videophiles couldn’t be happier with the ever-growing plethora of old films getting remastered and released in a pristine HD format. We are very grateful to live in a time when we’re able to experience film at a cinematic level in our own homes -- Blu-ray has truly improved the quality of home theater in ways that none of us could fathom a decade ago.   But there are still a massive number of classic films that, for whatever reason, have yet to get the proper HD... read more

What Surround Sound Configuration Is Right For You?

    By Eric Podolsky, 8/27/12   When building a home theater, there is no debate as to the importance of choosing an audio configuration that’s the best fit for your taste, as well as your space. Whether you’re looking to keep it minimal and compact, or want to go all out with big, floor-standing speakers, care needs to be given to their configuration if you want everything to sound its best. Here are some of the main considerations to take into play when choosing your home theater’s surround sound configuration.   Room Size   As most AVS members... read more

AVS Forum's Top 5 Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs can claim only about 5 percent of the flat-panel TV market, and Panasonic's decision to stop making plasmas next year is a nail in the coffin of this technology. But most professional reviewers and many AVS members maintain that plasma produces superior picture quality compared with LCD TVs, especially in rooms with subdued lighting. And this year's models perform better than ever—finally rising to the level of the fabled Pioneer Kuro—so now might be the perfect time to snag one of the best plasmas ever made and enjoy a stunningly good picture for years to... read more

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