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Introducing The Mitsubishi HC7800D Home Theater DLP Projector

  The Mitsubishi HC7800D is a home theater DLP projector that produces amazing HD images in 3D as well as 2D. When the HC7800D is combined with the optional Mitsubishi high- speed liquid-crystal 3D active-shutter glasses, 3D projection is taken to whole new level. The proprietary Mitsubishi 3D glasses are designed to match the high-speed response of elements in the DLPTM system. Together, the projector’s DLP conversion and the 3D glasses combine to produce sharp images by minimizing image crosstalk between the right and left eyes. Additionally, the glasses have an... read more

Innovative and Interactive LCD Projectors for Large Rooms

Preparing to host a large meeting, presentation, or event and unsure of what projector will best match your needs and venue? Check out the XL7100U, WL7200U, and UL7400U series LCD projector solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. Mitsubishi’s 7000 family of projectors are made for large venues, including convention rooms, malls, museums, theatre-like spaces, and houses of worship. With top shelf capabilities including high-brightness and sharp large-screen image projection, these projectors perform reliably under heavy use. Their... read more

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