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Avs Retro Style

  • by wajo

This Article revised 2/17/13... now describes a Modified Retro Style (Retro accents without the bright blue background)   Here's a way to get a Modified Retro style. It was designed to work with the AVS Black Skin. It also works "acceptably" with the Default Skin if you're not logged in. You select the AVS Black Skin in your Profile under "Visual Preferences" towards the bottom of your Profile options..   It provides Retro-style accents, eliminates the right sidebar, and adds a thin gold line on left edge of thread title box as a visual indicator that you've posted... read more

2012 and 2013 Denon AVR FAQ, Setup, and Troubleshooting Guide

This guide provides general information on the following Denon AVR models: Calendar year 2012 - (1513, 1613, 1713, 1913, 2113CI, 2313CI, 3313CI), Calendar year 2013 - (E200, E300, E400, X1000, X2000, X3000, X4000) however, some areas may apply to previous model years as well (esp. Troubleshooting). Some of the new features of the 2013 models include: 1. Return of AM tuner to all models (so all models have AM/FM tuners). 2. Easier to use color coded speaker clips (E200) / speaker posts (E300 and higher) - note that although the new posts on the E300 and E400 will not... read more

Ron's Amazing Upgraded HD Effect Pen Camera

Ron's Amazing Products is announcing the release of the Amazing Upgraded HD Spy Pen Camera DVR with built in 8GB memory and best quality lens to produce high definition videos and high resolution photos! This is a new listing now available on Amazon! This is not your average pen. It is the amazing pen camera. It writes like normal pens but has some of the most extraordinary capabilities built in. Never again do you have to worry about missing an important meeting or special moment. With the Amazing Pen Camera you can capture your special memories or important events... read more

Inserting Images and Using the AVS Editors

  • by wajo

There are several methods for inserting (embedding) images (.jpg, .gif, .png) or attaching a wide variety of file types in the new AVS format. Click a jump-link below to go to that section. • Insert (Embed) Images from Computer - Image or Insert Image icon inserts images from your computer files or your AVS Album wherever you place them. With the BB Code Editor, images appear as link text and can be seen only on Preview. With the Rich Text Editor, everything is "live" or WYSIWYG. • Attach Images or Files - Attachment icon (paper clip) inserts a wide variety of file... read more

The Not So Subtle Distinction Between UHD and 4K

There is a growing problem within the CE industry today. The problem is a collaborative one that was created out of ambiguity and laziness between enthusiasts and within the CE industry itself. I am, of course, talking about the widely used "4K" moniker when talking about UHD. The two formats are obviously not the same, otherwise we'd only be calling it one or the other. Part of the problem has been a lengthy wait time, wild speculation on the formats' specifics, and a problem with manufacturers themselves making the two names synonymous with each other. Like 2K,... read more

Media Browser 3 Announced

Media Browser will become a client-server application beginning with version three, and will be targeting multiple platforms. The server runs on Windows 7/8 and Windows Server 2008/2012. There are currently six client applications in development. Leading the way is Media Browser Theater, powered by VLC, which is the replacement for MB2 and runs as a stand-alone application on Windows 7/8. Then there is the Dashboard, a web-based client, which runs in any HTML5-enabled browser. This houses the server's configuration interface and will also provide the ability to... read more

Audyssey FAQ and New User '101' Help & Setup Guide

Due to a problem with the AVS server being unable to accept an article of the length required for the Audyssey FAQ, this article has been suspended.       To see the Audyssey FAQ and beginner's guide '101', click HERE. read more

Clarus Power Cords

REVIEW OF CLARUS CRIMSON POWER CORDS AND T-200 POWER MANAGER I was recently given the opportunity to audition some of the new Clarus Cable products in my home system. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Clarus is the brainchild of Joe Perfito, Chariman and CEO of Tributaries cable. I call Clarus the “high end division” of Tributaries because the Clarus line was designed and developed with the goal of competing with the very best, uber expensive cables on the market today. However, in keeping with Tributaries long standing reputation of... read more

How to place speakers on a desk or bookshelf and isolate them from boundaries

Ok so I wanted to post this because I think that some people out there may find it useful. I recently purchased some energy desktop speakers and a dayton audio desktop amplifier, to be used as computer speakers. I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get the speakers to sound good, situated on a desktop, and near the back wall. I was getting bass boom, and unattractive reflections because of where I was placing the speakers. Now I know that placing speakers on a large hard surface, near a back wall is not ideal, but this is where I wanted my speakers to be. After... read more

Denon 2011 and 2012 AVR FAQ, Setup, and Troubleshooting Guide

This guide provides general information on the 2011 Denon AVR models (1312, 1612, 1712, 1912, 2112CI, 2312CI, 3312CI) and the 2012 Denon AVR models (1513, 1613, 1713, 1913, 2113CI, 2313CI, 3313CI); however, some areas may apply to other model years as well (esp. Troubleshooting). TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. AUTO SETUP/Audyssey .......... a. Audyssey Mic Not Included .......... b. AUTO SETUP .......... c. Sub Settings 2. AVR General Info .......... a. Component --> HDMI Video Conversion .......... b. GUI/Menu .......... c. HDMI --> Component Video Conversion .......... d.... read more

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