Bowers & Wilkins Announces Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

Seven years after it debuted the original Zeppelin powered speaker, B&W introduces the updated Zeppelin Wireless ($700). The new model is a complete redesign of the dirigible-shaped original although it retains the signature shape.

The new Zeppelin Wireless sports Bluetooth and Apple Airplay support, which earn it the Wireless moniker. It gains a larger 6.5″ subwoofer (versus 5″ on the original) that features a “ultra-long voice coil” for deep bass at high volumes. Also, an improved DSP with twice the processing power of the first Zeppelin upsamples all inputs to 24-bit/192 kHz resolution. This all-in-one speaker features separate “Fixed Suspension Transducer” midrange drivers—with technology borrowed from the 800 Series Diamond flagship speakers—and 25mm aluminum double-dome tweeters.

The panels of the Zeppelin Wireless cabinet are thicker and stronger than the original model. Furthermore, the new Zeppelin’s enclosure utilizes ABS plastic containing 30% fiberglass, along with internal bracing, in order to maximize stiffness and reduce fidelity-robbing resonances and coloration. B&W says that the Zeppelin Air measures like a sealed box, however, it actually features several vents that help improve overall bass performance.

The speaker is a fully active 2.1 design, so each of its five drivers has a dedicated class D amp to power it. The subwoofer gets 50 watts of power, while the other drivers each have their own 25-watt amp. The rated frequency response of the system is 44 Hz to 28 kHz. Physically, the Zeppelin Wireless measures 26″ (W) x 7.4″ (H) x 7.2″ (D) and weighs just over 14 lbs.

The B&W Zeppelin Wireless features an updated Control App that works with iOS, Android, Mac and PC to offer control over volume and playback. In addition, it supports Spotify Connect, so you can tap into a near-limitless supply of tunes tailored to your taste. You can order the Zeppelin Wireless as of right now from Bowers and Wilkins website and it’ll be available at authorized retailers starting October 15.