Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Headphones Released

While there are seemingly countless choices when it comes to buying full-sized headphones, once you pass the $500 price point, shoppers are justified in expecting a high level of craftsmanship and performance. With its new P9 Signature ($900), famed loudspeaker builder Bowers & Wilkins now has a flagship that unapologetically competes for high-end headphone shoppers’ attention.

Crafted out of aluminum and Italian leather, these 450-gram (14-ounce), closed-back, over-ear cans are the largest headphones B&W offers. Their release is timed to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, and they are engineered by the same team that designed the company’s flagship 800 D3 loudspeakers.

Bowers and Wilkins P9 Signature headphones feature aluminum and leather in their construction.

Performance specifications suggest an uncompromising approach to high fidelity audio reproduction. They feature 40mm (1.6-inch) drivers, which B&W says provide a frequency response of 2 Hz to 30 kHz and keep distortion under 0.2% at 1000 Hz/10 Mv. Thanks to a rated sensitivity of 111 dB/V, plus 22-ohm impedance, these headphones are designed to work well with the modest amplification found in mobile devices. Bowers and Wilkins says it will make an Apple lightning cable—currently under development—available to registered buyers of the P9 Signature for free in early 2017.

The P9s are designed to work with mobile devices and are foldable.

Memory foam earpad cushions provide comfort and seal out external sound. Furthermore, the earcups are decoupled from the headband, which reduces the transfer of vibrations that otherwise could distort what you hear. You can fold the P9 Signature, and B&W provides a storage case to protect them on the go.

You get a luxurious storage case with B&W’s flagship headphones.

These headphones feature angled drivers that are purposely positioned to create a soundstage that sounds like it is in front of the listener, instead of inside their head. The P9 Signature is available for purchase effective immediately at and will be in stores starting October 15.

The P9 Signature’s angled 40mm drivers are said to create a soundstage that appears to be in front of the listener.