How Can I Reduce 3D Crosstalk From a Projector? Ask the Editors

Q: How can I reduce 3D crosstalk from a projector? I’m having an issue with my Epson Pro Cinema 6010. I know it can be better, because this is my second 6010, and the replacement model has much worse crosstalk than the original one (which did ghost a bit, but it wasn’t to the point of distraction like the replacement).

– Matt Buckmaster (Buckmasta)

A: I asked Epson about this; here is the answer I received:

The Epson Pro Cinema 6010 uses IR (infrared) for 3D sync versus the current RF (radio-frequency) 3D sync featured in the new Epson Pro Cinema models. IR had some issues with interference from other IR devices (like the remote) as well as line-of-sight issues if the unit was in an enclosure or behind a wall. It is important to ensure that the IR LEDs around the lens area are not blocked. If they are, the optional 3D emitter (ELPIE01) is available.

In addition, there are other settings in the projector that could cause crosstalk. Here’s a screen shot of the 3D menu in the 6010 for reference:

3d crosstalk

* 2D-to-3D conversion inherently has crosstalk.

* For 3D Format, Auto is good for most sources; Side by Side or Top and Bottom for broadcast 3D.

* For 3D Depth, use Weak or Medium; Strong may cause crosstalk.

* For 3D Brightness, use Low or Medium; High can cause crosstalk.

* For Inverse 3D Glasses, set to No; this setting reverses the synchronization timing for the left/right shutters on the 3D glasses. This setting should only be considered for rear projection or rear/ceiling-mount setup.

* For 3D IR Emitter, use Built-in or External if using an optional external 3D IR emitter.

Other factors that could impact the signal include excessive lens shift, a larger screen (greater than 140″), and/or a long throw distance (for example, a 21′ throw to a 10′ screen). In addition, some movies have crosstalk. Try using the projector with various 3D movies or try an alternate 3D player/source to see if the problem is consistent.

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