Dayton Audio SPA2400DSP Sub Amp at CEDIA 2015

I stopped by the Parts Express booth at CEDIA 2015 to ask what was new and to request some of the company’s subs for future reviews. While I was there, I spotted a Dayton Audio subwoofer plate amplifier—the SPA2400DSP— that should be of tremendous interest to the DIY crowd as well as anyone interested in building a subwoofer using a kit.

Parts Express did not want me to post about the new amp; however, since it was on display at the company’s CEDIA booth, I cannot just sit on it. However, that means I don’t have a price, I don’t have a release date, and I don’t know what features the DSP will offer.

Based on the photos I took, it looks to be a 2400-watt (peak power) plate amp with both unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs plus outputs. Furthermore, it has an RCA plug labeled SPDIF, indicating it can accept a digital signal. A USB port will allow programming the DSP using a PC—I confirmed that with the Parts Express rep.

Here’s a look at the inputs, switches, and connections on the amp.

The amp comes with an LCD display with its own rotary knob, presumably to allow easy switching between DSP programs. I’m literally dying to find out more about the SPA2400DSP subwoofer amp’s capabilities.

A view of the inside of the new SPA2400DSP amp.