Definitive Technology BP9000 Series Speakers Unveiled

Definitive Technology BP9000

Speaker maker Definitive Technology today announced the imminent availability of its new BP9000 speaker line. This new series of bipolar speakers is a complete redesign that ups the ante on performance as well as aesthetics.

The new speakers are as follows: Floorstanding models include the BP9020, BP9040, BP9060 and BP9080X. For center-channel duty there are the CS9040, CS9060 and CS9080. For surround, new models include the SR9040 and SR9080 as well as the A90 height speaker module for use with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

BP9000 series speakers feature upgraded looks and materials. Aluminum top plates that disguise the height module connector port replace the plastic caps of yore and the base is also made of aluminum. The acoustically transparent wrap-around grille complements the resonance-free cabinets. Definitive’s signature combo of aluminum dome tweeters and an integrated powered subwoofer remains intact. However, the speakers now sport Intelligent Bass Control technology, which the company says offers superior sub-bass performance by allowing you to adjust the intensity of the lowest frequencies without affecting the overall tonal balance of the sound.

The BP9080X is on the left and the BP9060 is in the center. On the right you can see what’s inside a BP9000 series tower.

The A90 module (for use with Atmos and DTS:X) seamlessly integrates into the BP9020, BP9040, and BP9060 tower speakers. Furthermore, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X height functionality is built-into the BP9080X flagship tower speaker.

Joel Sietsema, Senior Director of Brand Management at Sound United (DefTech’s parent company) said that “Definitive Technology engineers and designers have always taken an obsessive approach to developing the best-performing products for the home theater, and the BP9000 series is a perfect example of that.”

BP9000 tower speakers feature an integrated, powered subwoofer with dual passive bass radiators, either 3.5-inch (BP9020), 4.5-inch (BP904, BP9060) or 5.25-inch (BP9080X) mid-range drivers, and 1-inch aluminum-dome tweeters. The BP9020 and BP9040 models feature an 8-inch sub while the BP9060 uses a 10-inch driver and the BP9080X has a 12-incher for deep bass reproduction. Even the CS9080 center (with dual 5.25″ woofers) and CS9060 center (dual 4.5″ woofers) channels feature 8″ powered subwoofers, while the CS9040 (with dual 4.5″ woofers) relies on an 8″ passive radiator.

BP9000s may have better bass than their predecessors, but they also feature a better base to stand on.

All the new tower models are Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible. Aside from the BP9080X with it’s built-in module, the towers each feature a hidden connector port for the optional A90 height module.

The A90 module fits on top of the new BP9000 series towers.

The New Models


BP9080X ($1,750/each) arrives late summer.
BP9060 ($1,100/each) coming end of May.
BP9040 – ($900/each) coming end of May.
BP9020 – ($650/each) coming end of May.
A90 Module ($500/pair) coming end of May.


CS9080 ($1000) arrives late summer.
CS9060 ($700) coming end of May.
CS9040 ($500) coming end of May.


SR9080 ($350/each) arrives late summer.
SR9040 ($249/each) coming end of May.

I had a chance to see and audition the new Definitive Technology BP9000 series speakers in New York City just a few weeks ago. While I’m hesitant to judge sound quality based on just a few Dolby Atmos clips, the new speakers sounded great. Bass response was notably good. Aesthetically, the new Definitive Technology look is a home-run. The BP9080Xs in particular look like they should cost more than $3500 for a pair.

Here’s a video DefTech produced that provides a series overview: