Dolby Cinema Locations Reach 100

dolby cinema locations

This week, Dolby announced the opening of its 100th global Dolby Cinema location at the AMC South Bay Galleria 16 in Redondo Beach, CA. Interestingly, this closely parallels last month’s announcement of 100 released and announced Dolby Cinema movies, which include Dolby Vision HDR grading and Atmos immersive soundtracks.

According to Doug Darrow, Senior Vice President, Cinema Business Group, Dolby Laboratories, “It is very gratifying to see top filmmakers and industry creatives whose first choice is to showcase their work in Dolby Cinema. Audiences continue to embrace Dolby Cinema as well. The rapid growth of Dolby Cinema to 100 locations shows that movie lovers around the world are hungry for a truly immersive experience with state-of-the-art images and sound that make them feel like they are inside the story.”

And Dolby is far from finished. AMC—the exclusive host of Dolby Cinemas in the US—currently has 77 locations up and running, with plans for 160 by the end of 2018. In China, Wanda Cinema Group has 19 locations and plans to add 81 more. Another Chinese chain, Sparkle Roll—which includes Jackie Chan Cinemas and BHG—has already opened three locations with 11 more to be added in the next two years.

Moving over to Europe, Vue Cinemas has opened two locations in Eindhoven and Hilversum, the Netherlands, and UCI Cinesa has one in Barcelona, Spain. Cineplexx Cinemas has opened Dolby Cinemas in Linz and Salzburg, Austria, with plans to add four more in that country. Meanwhile, Les Cinemas Gaumont Pathe, the largest cinema-chain operator in France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, plans to open seven locations in France and three in the Netherlands.

In the Middle East, Reel Cinemas recently opened a Dolby Cinema in the Dubai Marina Mall. A second one is planned for the Dubai Mall later this year, and others to follow elsewhere in the region.

As I’ve said many times, Dolby Cinemas offer the finest movie-going experience available today—at least, when the venue is playing a movie prepared for it. Unfortunately, not all Dolby Cinema theaters limit their presentations to such titles. To be sure you’re seeing a movie graded in Dolby Vision HDR with an Atmos soundtrack, click here for a complete list.

Once you find a movie on that list that you’re interested in, I encourage you to see it in a Dolby Cinema if possible; for a complete list of locations, click here. With only a couple of exceptions that I’ve seen, you’re in for a cinematic treat.