Emotiva Debuts BasX Audio and AV Components

Emotiva is a company that is well known for its affordable high-performance audio products. Its new BasX (pronounced basics) line of audio components—including multi-zone amps plus stereo preamp/tuners—is engineered to work together and be easy to operate.

Company founder and president Dan Laufman says, “A central part of Emotiva’s mission has been making it easy to explore and enjoy high-
end audio technology that is affordable and a no-brainer to use.” Dan continues by noting that “We consider BasX a real breakthrough in terms of delivering audiophile power and performance at price points that allow a far larger segment of the market to enjoy high-end audio.”

BasX amplifiers use hefty toroidal power supplies feature Class A/B output stages. The line currently consists of four power amplifiers offering a selection of output power levels and between two to eight channels. BasX components are available to purchase directly from Emotiva and through authorized dealers.

BasX Product Selection

PT-100 preamp/tuner ($300)

The PT-100 features an FM tuner plus digital and analog inputs. It includes a phono preamp compatible with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, a driver-free USB input with 24/96k PCM support, and an optional Bluetooth module. It features a bright front-panel display and all controls can be accessed from the front panel or by using the included remote.

IA-100 tuner/amplifier ($400)

This unit includes all of the features of the PT-100 and adds 50-watt per channel (RMS) stereo amplification.

A-100 ($200) integrated amplifier

This compact, powerful, and high-fidelity integrated amp takes up only 1/2 rack width of space. Emotiva suggests it is “ideal for pairing with a small stereo system.” The A-100 is also useful when deployed as a supplemental amp for larger systems. Features include automatic turn-on, volume control, and a headphone jack that allow it to drive power-hungry cans.

A-150, A-300, A-500, A-700 amplifiers

These power amplifiers feature heavy-duty power supplies, audiophile-quality Class A/B output for each channel, fault protection, front-panel status indicators, robust speaker terminals, a trigger input and output, and high-quality construction.

A-150 ($300): two channels with 75 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms
A-300 ($400): two channels with 150 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms
A-500 ($500): five channels with 100 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms
A-700 ($600): seven channels with 100 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms

A-800 ($600) amplifier

This is an 8-channel amplifier that—like its BasX siblings—features a heavy-duty power supply, class A/B output, robust build quality, fault protection, status indicators on the front panel, etc. The A-800 has discrete inputs for each channel and an input bus for use in multi-zone and multi-room systems. Output is 50 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms and channel pairs are bridgeable to 100 watts.

MC-700 ($600) AV pre/pro

This is a 7.1-channel AV pre/pro with HDMI 2.0 and Emo-Q room correction. It sports dual-core 32-bit DSP engines and handles all HD audio.

There are five HDMI 2.0 inputs that all support HDCP 2.2. The MC-700 has programmable parametric EQ available on all channels, as well as a pure analog bypass mode. It includes 7.1 analog audio inputs and USB audio support.