First Look: Samsung CHG90 49″ Curved Ultra-Wide 32:9 QLED HDR Gaming Monitor

Samsung CHG90 Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor

Samsung’s latest gaming monitor, the CHG90 QLED ($1500) is a stunning 49″ 32:9 aspect-ratio curved HDR display that provides a seamless panoramic perspective into the worlds gamers inhabit. And check this out, I managed to snag the very first review unit! So rather than make you wait for the review—which will take a couple of weeks—I’ve started this first-look thread. So please, join me in the comments section to discuss this awe-inspiring display.


I unpacked and assembled the Samsung CHG90 last night, and I’ll post an unboxing/assembly video shortly. Assembly was quick and easy, involving six screws total. The design of the stand for a monitor this big is make-or-break, and in this case it makes positioning the CHG90 easy. You can adjust the height, tilt, and rotate the whole thing accurately and without frustration. Also notable is the clean cable management scheme.

The cord management built into the CHG90 keeps them out of sight and out of mind

This monitor provides dual HDMI inputs, plus DisplayPort and DisplayPort Mini connections. It supports AMD FreeSync 2 and has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. I opted to use HDMI, and ran a 20-meter FIBBR fiber-optic HDMI cable from my PC to the display (so that I could have the monitor in my living room). This connection provided full 18 Gbps bandwidth and worked with the monitor’s 3840 x 1080 resolution at 120p.

The CHG90 has two HDMI inputs and two DisplayPort inputs (one mini)

First Impressions and Performance

The first thing I did was load up Grand Theft Auto 5, dialed in appropriate graphics settings, and checked out the expansive new view. It was immediately obvious that there’s a tactical advantage to the expanded field of view. Then, I ran the GTA5 video benchmark and marveled at the crispness, and the vividness of this display. I have not had time to tweak settings, but I got 60 fps or higher consistently using a GTX1080 graphics cards and very high quality settings.

It was immediately clear that a 32:9 display beats using multiple monitors when it comes to immersion. If you sit a few feet away from this monitor, it fills your peripheral vision and looks very natural.

Samsung CHG90 Ultra-Wide Curved Gaming Monitor 2
Samsung’s CHG90 ultra-wide QLED monitor immerses you in games

It was also apparent that this display—which comes with a calibration report from the factory—offers insanely accurate color. I put a Colorimetry Research CR-100 on it and used CalMan to check the deltaE error in a 10-point grayscale sweep and it came up as 1.1, which is below the threshold of human perception and good enough for critical color work.

The CHG90 is accurate right out of the box (it even includes a calibration report)

I also found that gamma tracked extremely accurately, and that the monitor offers at least 2000:1 native contrast. I plan to continue with the colorimetry over the next few days.

Measuring the Samsung CHG90 using the CR-100 colorimeter

 One of the most interesting qualities of this 32:9 gaming monitor is how 3D open-world games render. Check out this picture that shows the difference between playing Grand Theft Auto V on a 16:9 4K TV, versus the 32:9 CHG90. As long as you sit at an appropriate distance from the monitor, the immersive effect beats the TVs presentation. Simply put, you see more, and that can be a tactical advantage, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

With the curved-screen CHG90, you see more

Please join me in the forum to discuss the CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor as I work on an in-depth review.