Focal Clear High-End Open-Back Headphones Launched

Focal Clear Over-Ear Open-Back reference quality headphones

French headphone and speaker maker Focal has just unveiled the Focal Clear. It’s the company’s latest reference quality headphone offering. This is an over-ear, open-back design that Focal describes as an evolution of their high-end headphone offerings.

The press release for these new cans mentions the use of an “M”-shaped aluminum/magnesium dome that utilizes what it describes as a revolutionary copper voice coil. Focal describes the benefits of the design as providing “remarkable” dynamics, with base that remains controlled at high output levels. Moreover, the company states that these headphones will provide “exemplary linearity in the high-end.”

These headphones will ship with three cable options. One is a 4-foot cable with a 3.5 mm stereo jack, intended for portable use. Another is a 10-foot cable with a 1/4″ stereo jack, for typical home use. And finally, a 10-foot cable equipped with a 4-point XLR connector, for use with high-end headphone amps.

Focal Clear headphones come with a case and three cord options

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of specifications, the new Focal Clear offers wideband response, reasonably low impedance, and great sensitivity. Specifically, these are 55-ohm headphones that produce 104 dB of output at 1 mW. Frequency response is specified as 5 Hz to 28 kHz. What’s more, the drivers in each pair of headphones are matched so that deviation between left and right channels is kept to less than +/-0.5 dB.

The Clear joins Focal’s existing ultra-premium Utopia ($4000) and Elear ($1000) in the company’s family of open-back headphones.

These new Focal Clear headphones are available effective immediately, but they don’t come cheap: MSRP is $1499 US, $1899 Canadian. I have requested a pair for an expedited hands-on, I’m excited to hear this new entry in the rarefied world of four-figure price tag, reference-quality dynamic open-back headphones.