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I would like to list the issues I am having with my SA 8300 HDC and see if these are common issues, or if there is a problem with my unit. Based on some previous threads, this unit does seem to have problems, which generally seem to be software related. TWC has offered to give me a new box, but I have SB 42 saved in HD, and I want to find a way to record it to DVD before changing boxes.

1) Recordings missed/skipped. Today, it should have recorded Celebrity Apprentice, Lipstick Jungle, a few other shows. Nothing. Last recording is from last night. I checked Series Manager, and both series are set to record.

2) Recordings cut off. Sometimes, it starts 5-10 minutes late. Or it stops recording 5-10 minutes from the end. I have no idea what causes this. But this has happened to 3 or 4 shows in the last month or so.

3) DVR functions unavailable. Sometimes, when I try to use DVR functions to rewind live tv, I get "DVR functions are currently unavailable. Please try again in one minute." Or something like that. Wth?

4) Lock Ups. I've noticed that if I am recording 2 shows and viewing a recorded show... the system is very sluggish. And sometimes I cannot fast forward or rewind the recorded show.

5) Cablecard error. I will suddenly get a cable card error. Everything freezes... can't change channels, cant call up the menu, cant power down, etc. If I unplug the unit and then power up again... everything is back to normal. This has happened 2 or 3 times since I got the unit in Nov 07.

6) Spontaneous reboot. Suddenly, the unit reboots itself. This happened about 6 or 7 times the first week. Tech came out, heard the problem and told me that a software upgrade had occurred, and that it should not happen anymore. He convinced me it was not necessary to switch to a new unit. I have to admit, since then, it has only happened maybe twice in 3 months. Still twice too many though?

Suggestions? Will a replacement help, or are these issues something I will have to live with if I want HD DVR through TWC NY? Is there a trick to make the box work more smoothly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also if you have the same box/service, are you experiencing the same problems? Different ones?

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I had some of the same issues above (1, 2, and 3) plus audio dropouts and TWC (Raleigh, NC) had no qualms when I insisted on a new box. I really wanted to downgrade to an 8300HD with Passport, but they replaced my HDC and, after a Navigator software upgrade early this month, things have been much better. Mine still "kicks to live" sometimes when it shouldn't, but overall it's much better than when I first got the 8300HDC at the first of the year. BTW, I've been insisting on a DVR credit each month until they work out the bugs. Makes living with the problems a little easier.

Excuse my ignorance, what is SB 42?
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I am having an issue with my TWC SA 8300 HDC.

My plasma tv is supposed to go into a power save mode, which turns off the screen, when there is no signal being sent to it. Which works fine with my DVD player (HDMI connected) and VCR-Stantdard Yellow Video when these devices are turned off. But With the Cable STB connected via HDMI when it is Off the TV will not go into the power save mode. Which tells me the STB is sending a signal of some sort, so that the TV stays on even when the STB is OFF.

Thanks for any help.

Bill - Watching Netflix Streaming & OTA Broadcasts!
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After buying a Sony Bravia 32S3000 several months ago I got the HD Pack from time warner and was issued one of these pieces of crap. The first one I got would not authorize the cable card. Even after calling to reset the box like 10 times, and spending an hour on the phone with support, it just would not work. It would play 3 seconds of the premium channels, then hang with a cable card error.

I took that box back and swapped it out for another. This one authorized immediately, and things seemed to be working fine. A day later 4 or 5 shows I had recorded had audio dropouts every 10 seconds. The audio dropouts seemed to improve the last time the box rebooted. If there are dropouts now, I can usually turn the box off and back on, replay the recorded show and the audio is fine. Over the last few months other problems seem to be surfacing.

1. Sometimes, If I view the DVR List, or use the guide. The minimized video that is squeezed into the little box in the upper right corner stays there when I exit the guide. Changing to another HD channel doesn't do anything. The only way I can get back to full screen is to change to a SD channel, then back to HD, or power cycling the unit.

2. When it reaches 99% full, it appears to not want to record new shows. If I go into the log, some shows that were scheduled but not recorded show "Not recorded because the disk was full (10)

3. If I come back from a day at work and turn the TV on, sometimes the box is totally unresponsive.

4. Everything is just overall very sluggish. It takes 3 or 4 times as long to do everything that my old Scientific Atlanta SD DVR did flawlessly.

I'm wondering if returning this box will solve anything. Will I end up swapping one set of problems for another? I've never had a problem with a Scientific Atlanta box until this sorry excuse was released.
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I just switched to TW HD from DirecTV (with series 2 Tivo and Mythtv box) and the dvr they gave me is terrible. It did skip 2 recordings last week. I brought the guide up (which shows 5 channels at a time???) and it indicated that the shows were being recorded - but they weren't. Rebooted and it seems to be okay since.
We went on vacation and came back to find the cablecard error message. Reboot fixed it again.
The user interface (navigator?) needs a lot of work. I may ask if I can get a different dvr with different software. The wife is about ready to throw the thing in the garbage and go back to DirecTV SD and I'm a step behind her on this.
Another thing - when they came out to install the STB's they had to try 4 different digital STB's before they found a "good" one. That sounds like a problem to me. This isn't the dvr - just a digital set top box.

The guide is almost useless. If I enter a channel # that doesn't exist it should take me the closest channel. Instead it gives me - "????" and does nothing. It also only shows 5 channels at a time. Who wants to sit there and page down through 5 channels at a time? This might not be a problem for someone who has been with time-warner for awhile and knows where the channels are.

The DVR List is terrible. It doesn't show enough info about the recordings. The font on this thing is huge. I would like to see when a show was recorded (full date always), episode #, episode title. original airdate, repeat or new and how much space it is taking up.

If I try to search for a program I can type in the show name and find it in the list on the left. If there are more than one episode it shows them all. If I just want to record one here and there I have to go back and type in the name every time and then find the next one that I want to record because after setting record options it takes me back to the the main search screen. @#@#$%%@!!

Whoever is designing these things should take a page from the mythtv and mythweb group and allow these to be put on a network. Mythweb is great for scheduling shows and managing my mythtv boxes. Much easier than fumbling through using a remote to find shows and schedule and transcode to smaller files, mark as watched and auto-remove commercials...oh yea - those last 3 are only with mythtv.
To sum up - not too happy with the dvr compared to my old tivo and my mythtv boxes. As soon as the (non-OTA) cable HD capture card is released I will be going all mythtv.
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