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04-20-2008 | Posts: 357
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I have three HD DVRs from DirecTV. I think they are the 700 series, but I have two types: one with the vents on the top and two without the vents.

I got them about 2 years ago alone with the latest dish back then (not the newer slim line dish). All DVRs have the HD "brick" connecting the coax, and they are connected via a 6x8 multiswitch.

Recently, one of the DVRs is giving me intermittant 771 (searching for satellite signal) messages. It's definitely not weather related. I'll get the message on one DVR, but the other two are fine. I'm 99% sure the problem is isolated just with this one DVR. If I surf around, the channel will come in/out randomly. It's always an HD channel and it varies (e.g. could be a local channel, TNT, VH-1, etc.)

Called DirecTV about it and asked for a new DVR. They assured me it's either a dish pointing issue or a bad multi-switch.

Has anybody else had a similar problem? DirecTV tells me that since it's not definitely the DVR, I will have to pay for a technician to visit the house and diagnose the problem. My biggest fear is I pay for the visit and the guy doesn't find anything wrong when he visits.

Any suggestions out there would be appreciated. Thanks.
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04-21-2008 | Posts: 86
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I had a similar 771 issue... not with the DVR, but with the new HD receiver... They told me is was because I didn't have the right dish, so they changed it... That DIDN'T solve the problem.... What did was the that I found out that my video multi switch was not compatible with the the new HD Receiver.... I had a Terk... The Direct TV guy changed it out with something that was compatible and i haven't gotten the 771 message since...
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04-22-2008 | Posts: 6,446
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Read this

I'm getting the same problem as well with the HR21-700. The current fix seems to be a reset until the software fix is rolled out. Any other fixes are probably due to resetting the unit as part of the process.
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04-22-2008 | Posts: 357
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Yeah, the problem is getting worse, but we're only experiencing it on one of three HD DVRs. Basically, a few channels will go out and eventually a LOT will give us the 771 message. At that juncture, a look at the signal strength will show basically no signal for Tuner 1 on any satellite. If I reset it, the channels come back and the signal strength is back to 95. But if I start changing channels, the problem will inevitably come back.

I'm tired of resetting the receiver and losing recorded programs.
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05-12-2008 | Posts: 9
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I have had the same problem which was resolved last August 2007 when the entire system was upgraded from a Terk Multi Switch to a powered Xinwell WB616 6x16 multiswitch and some fine tuning of my 5LNB dish. The Dish was slightly out of adjustment and I also received a 771 error. The problem was intermittent after the adjustment and when the Multi switch was replaced all was good. I am running 2 Hr10-250 units and 3 H20-700 units with an old Hughes SD receiver out in my woodshop. All Work Flawlessly. Start wtih the Dish adjustment and make them buy the multiswitch if you need one.

One possibly off topic Question. I have a wireless network in my home with a 6 Meg Router/Modem. I have a Linksys Hub Router I used before the router and modem were in the same box. I there a way to hook up the HR20-700 using the Linksys Router hard wired using and Ethernet cable to the Wireless network to get the On Demand Video from DirecTv?
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 4
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Since this is a DVR it should indicate either sfss in sat in 1 or sat in 2. If you swap the sat in 1 and 2 cables and the message changes then this would lead to possible bad cable or bad connection at the multiswitch. example:if inidcates sfss in sat in 2 and then after swap says sfss in sat in 1 then message has changed. If it still were to indicates in sat in 2 after swapping then leads to believe the tuner is bad. I would swap the B-band convertors also. If the cables in the room are attatched to a wall plate I would also remove these cables and then reinsert for it could just be static electricity. Normally it is NEVER the box but in rare cases it could be. There is also a protection plan available that would cover service calls and replacement reeceivers in most situations. I hope this may help you. Also if you have ever had an off-air (also called outdoor antenna or OTA) then there could be a device called a diplexer still in the installation that wouldn't allow these new Wideband frequencies from passing thru
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Also check for bends or abrasions in cable and slightly straighten if found. Sometime excess cable is also rolled into loops and this could also pose an issue. It is like a waterhose when bent the water is still there but it isn't allowed to pass thru the hose and come out and this is similiar to the way a bent cable would prevent a signal from passing thru at times.
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 4
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The only time dish alignment could EVER cause the issue on one receiver and not the rest is if the one not working already had a weaker signal but almost always if dish alignment or an LNB issue then it would affect all of the receivers in the home---or alteast all of the HD receivers. You can have a slight dish alignment issue and it can possibly affect just the hd rcvrs and not the standard def ones for they wouldn't require getting signals from the HD satellites as your HD rcvrs would.
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05-29-2008 | Posts: 357
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Thanks for the replies, guys. A tech came the other day and it turns out it was a cable issue. We have some cable that's exposes on top of the room, and at some point there was some water damage. The tech replaced the cable and it's all good.
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