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04-25-2008 | Posts: 52
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Used to have a Series2 Tivo that I'd archive SpeedTV. Now with Series3 and Cablecards COX has made it impossible to transfer many channels (all above OTA).

So I'm thinking about getting a USB tuner for the computer and do it that way.

Any of you with a USB or a PCI-E card out there?

I'm guessing it's best to get one with on-board processing, but finding them is difficult. Either that or maybe find a new graphics board that also does NTSC processing?

Any suggestions?
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Is Speed Network in digital form on your cable company's network? If so, your only option would be to get some sort of analog capture device, and connect the composite or S-Video output (and analog audio outs) from the cable receiver box to the capture device. A QAM receiver won't work, and you can't get CableCARD receiver units to work with anything other than a CableCARD-certified machine running Windows Vista.
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