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Digital Recorders (PVRs) General

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06-08-2008 | Posts: 2
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In our area Comcast offers these two DVR's
[1] Motorola Dual-Tuner DVR DCT6412 or 6416
[2] Pace TDC 575D DVR

Questions? Having a choice, even without a HD set yet (but getting one)
  • shouldn't i get the Motorola?
  • Wouldn't Motorola have more recording time non-HD than the Pace?

Thank you

Greg Gates Lake Oswego, Oregon
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06-09-2008 | Posts: 2
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Based on what I've seen said about the Moto DVRs, you'd probably be far better off with the Pace unit; even if the disk capacity is lower, the Motos have so many known issues, I doubt anyone in good conscience (who doesn't work for a cableco at least) would recommend one.
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