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09-05-2008 | Posts: 10
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It was surprisingly easy, and maybe everyone knows how now, but just in case...

First, I read all the threads about using the Firewire connection and it simply didn't work for me. Being both desperate and simple-minded, I finally simply used the Component Video outputs on the back of the DCT6412 and connected them to the component inputs on the front of my Panasonic DMR-EZ28. I played a 2-hr HD show on the DCT6412, hit the record button on the Panny and it recorded nicely, thank you very much. I was pretty impressed with the final quality, too.

The shows I've archived so far are not premium channels so they're not copy-protected. I simply run out of room on the hard drive once in awhile and need to move stuff off it onto rewritable discs in the Panny.

Having looked for a long time to figure this out (doh - head slap), I thought I'd share.
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09-05-2008 | Posts: 14,089
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You must be referring to "Composite" Y/W/R RCA inputs and outputs since the Panny DVDR doesn't have "Component" (RGB) inputs?

If so, that's something that's always been possible with DVDRs.
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09-06-2008 | Posts: 10
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My bad - yes, Composite. Yeah, I figured it always has been possible, but I'd never found a thread indicating that, so I thought I'd go ahead and post it just in case others were looking for the same thing. Thanks for the clarification on the cables. It jogged me to think I should probably use the S-Video input for the video.
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