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jeffw_00's Avatar jeffw_00 11:59 AM 11-30-2008
Hi - I've had (and been reasonably happy with) my COMCAST PVR DCT-6412. They are now shipping a DCH3416, which has 33% more disk space.

Has anyone done the upgrade to the DCH3416 and been less satisfied? Any other differences? (slower, etc)

Can the DCH3416 do 30sec skip?


demonfoo's Avatar demonfoo 12:17 PM 11-30-2008
It's the same software, just a larger hard drive and no analog tuners (34xx units don't have analog tuners and MPEG encoder chips).
jeffw_00's Avatar jeffw_00 12:21 PM 11-30-2008
Don't I need an analog tuner? (They still broadcast channels 2-99 in analog)
demonfoo's Avatar demonfoo 05:01 PM 11-30-2008
If they're offering DCH34xx boxes, they would have to be doing digital simulcast of the channels as well. The cable company wouldn't be providing them if they weren't ready to provide all the channels they offer through the unit.
jeffw_00's Avatar jeffw_00 05:51 PM 11-30-2008
comcast says lack of "analog" tuner means you can't plug an antenna into it
demonfoo's Avatar demonfoo 06:03 PM 11-30-2008
You can't plug an antenna into any of the Moto DVRs - they don't have OTA tuners in them. I can only assume you were talking to a first line CSR - don't listen to them. They don't actually know much.
jeffw_00's Avatar jeffw_00 06:08 PM 11-30-2008
Re-checked with COMCAST - apparently their simulcasting all their analog channels in digital. (can elimination of the bandwidth-hogging analog channels be far behind? I'm betting they do it soon after Feb. 2009 and blame the feds). Sorry for the lame first answer - been a long day
thanks guys

Anyway - sounds like going to the DCH3416 is low risk (although they've only been shipping them locally for the last 6 weeks - maybe too new to be dependable?) It's moot though, unless I can find a way to tape both reruns and first-runs of my favorite shows, (see http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...8#post15184478 )
I don't need the extra space 8-}
KenJ58's Avatar KenJ58 12:38 AM 12-13-2008
I'm a new Comcast subscriber - about six weeks now, and I have the DCH3416. Mostly, it works very well. The user interface could be better. You wonder if they do end-user testing with non-techies. Even this techie wonders if they are even trying to make things easier or just kicking something out the door as fast as possible.

One quirk on mine is that I get a recording of my local news broadcast on HD channel 104 every day even though it is not programmed! Another is the so called "series" recording which, for newscasts that repeat throughout the day, will record all instances of that program! I end up with three recorded shows every day all the same. In an effort to avoid that behavior I programmed for the specific time and channel - but when I look for that recorded program it does not show the program name, only the date and time. The programming seems rather limiting to me.

After doing some web research I found the Comcast remote is made by Universal Electronics and uses the same codes and commands as the "One-For-All" series and supports two other devices. Only problem is that I am going bonkers trying to find the codes for my Emerson LC320EM8AN 32 inch LCD HDTV made by Funai Electric. The remote requires 5 digit codes and Emerson is no help at all. After trying all the Funai codes, which include Magnavox, Sylvania, Symphonic and Westinghouse as well as Emerson, I tried sitting on the floor and "searching" for the proper code. It sure feels stupid punching the buttons repeatedly for half an hour and finding nothing works. There has to be a better way!

An additional quirk is that changing channels up or down may switch between HD and
SD channels and sometimes the Emerson seems to restart, just like the power had been cycled. It may be a quirk of the Emersson but I thought I would mention it here for information.

In addition to the 3416/Emerson I also have two smaller bedroom HDTVs for which I did not lease the Comcast set top boxes. After using the auto setup feature I get channels 2 to 99 and my local HDTV channels displayed, for instance, as 4-1, 5-1, 5-2, 7-1 and so on. In addition I get what appears to be a whole tier of digital versions of the analog channels with numbers RF102-9 through RF117-1210. Comcast makes no mention of these channels.
jeffw_00's Avatar jeffw_00 09:37 AM 12-13-2008
I've had mine for a week, the only thing I notice is that sometimes it doesn't respond to the remote. The nice thing about it is that there's a dot on the display so you know if it "heard" you, and sometimes it just doesn't.

In fact, it seems like when you first start using it, you have to use the remote a few times to get it's attention, and after that it's pretty responsive.


Also - i've had it hang on me once (went into pause and I had to play some tricks to get it out)

also - twice when I started to play something i got a green screen, but it wasn't repeatable.

ah, early adoption
iraweiss's Avatar iraweiss 11:08 AM 12-13-2008
I just got a Motorola DCH6416 from Insight in Columbus, OH that replaced my dying 6412. I noticed that the 6416 is not a listed model on Motorola's Web site.

What is the difference between the 6416 and 3416?
KenJ58's Avatar KenJ58 11:23 AM 12-13-2008
If I recall correctly, the 64xx has an analog tuner and is being phased out. The 34xx has only digital tuners. xx12 has 120 GB HDD and the xx16 has 160 GB HDD.

Remote controls: I have experienced lack of response from my remote control. It must be pointed directly at the receiver with no obstructions. There are forum topics on the 'Net which claim these PVRs IR recievers get "swamped" by light from the LCD screen and recommend repositioning the unit for more reliability. Other devices/manufacturers don't have these problems so this is likely poor design. Personally, I think an IR remote should work from anywhere in the room, pointed in any direction, obscured or not. If that is simply not possible then IR should be abandoned and RF remotes should replace them, universally. (So, there!)
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