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epitaphmike's Avatar epitaphmike 02:48 PM 12-20-2008
I have been recording from a few different SA HD-DVR cable boxes for a few weeks now. Two days ago everything stopped working. I am using Apples Firewire SDK26 AVCVideoCap, MPEG Streamclip, and the Quicktime MPEG2 Component. I am copying only "Copy Freely" channels. I have tested this on 3 different SA Boxes, (2) Explorer 8240HDC boxes and (1) Explorer 8300, all with the same results.
I read a post that broke down the packets and this is what I am receiving.

LPCW86:Movies michael$ od -t x1 home034.m2t | head -1
0000000 47 00 65 96 25 0e f4 df 46 2a 81 5d 9a 8e e4 28
LPCW86:Movies michael$ od -t x1 nbc12.m2t | head -1
0000000 47 06 37 96 ce 63 7c 95 99 a5 d2 d8 7e 2e 28 20
LPCW86:Movies michael$ od -t x1 uniHD.m2t | head -1
0000000 a9 15 9c 91 7a e8 a5 ba cd 26 00 ff 6c ac 8d b7

The first home034.m2t is Channel 34 FS-AZ in Phoenix. This is a Copy Freely channel. After the 47 in the string there is a 00 which means Unscrambled, but still when I open in MPEG Streamclip I get "File open error: can't find video or audio tracks", I click Open Anyways and get "File open error: can't find video or audio tracks".

The second one (nbc12.m2t) I am getting the same thing, and it is a "Copy Freely" channel, I am not sure what the 06 means after the 47.

The third is an encrypted Universal HD with "Copy Once" and I get a9 15 which is an encrypted packet which I suspect.

I can still open m2t files I recorded a week ago in MPEG Stremclip.

Has anyone else had the same issue?

epitaphmike's Avatar epitaphmike 04:10 PM 01-18-2009
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