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sladans1ma's Avatar sladans1ma 02:55 PM 03-14-2009
I have a problem with one of my HR10-250's and OTA. On HR10-250 #1, on BOS Fox 25 (Channel 31 on HR10-250 OTA tuner), Tuner 1 is jumping between 0 and 50/60 signal strength. Tuner #2 holds steady at 70+/-. As the result of Tuner #1 jumping, I am often not able to properly record on Fox.

On all other HD channels, Tuner 1 and Tuner 2 hold consistently at 70-95, depending upon channel.

On HR10-250 #2, BOS Fox 25, Tuner #1 and Tuner #2 show solid signal strength with minimal "bouncing".

I have tried swapping the antenna (OTA) input between the Sony TV (genrally unused) and HR10-250 (both running through Diplexers), but no changes.

Finally, this problem became noticeable within the last month or two, but no changes have been made to my system in well over a year.

Any thoughts on what to try? I have read that I might want to check internal cabling. Is this a multi-path issue? Any other thoughts?


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