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RobertZanzerkia's Avatar RobertZanzerkia 03:55 PM 11-28-2010
I have comcast service with HD boxes. I used to have DVR but I got rid of it to get two HD boxes for the same monthly cost.

Anyways we need DVR ability (it does NOT have to be HDTV, just SD would be fine).

Is there a box I can buy (without monthly service) with one time purchase?
I want to be able to do following.
Record comcast channels that I am subscribed to in SD?
Is there an easy to program DVR box?
What are my options?

Thank you,
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shanem462's Avatar shanem462 02:02 AM 12-23-2010
You could buy a used ReplayTv with lifetime subscription on eBay for about $150. Your HD box would need to have composite or S-Video out in order to send the signal to the ReplayTv. If the ReplayTv has the proper code for the Comcast box, it will change the channel on the Comcast box via an RF emitter. If not, you will have to have the HD box set to the proper channel in order to record the proper program on the ReplayTV. The RTV will have the proper program description, but the Comcast box must be on the proper channel.

The same applies to an older Tivo Series 1 or 2. The later versions of Series 2 have two tuners, allowing you to record two shows and watch another one already recorded.
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