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I just purchased a MP3 download from Amazon. I placed it in my windows media player library. I then placed a R-CD in the CD drive. I then dragged the album to the box on the right in windows media clicked burn. It started to burn (although something was different than all the times before) and showed me the % of complementation. When it got to 97% complete the drive popped open. I though it was done.
I placed it in my CD player and nothing. It did not recognize that it was an MP3 but it did show that it was playing and the display made it appear all was well but no music, just silence.
I then took the same disc and placed it in another CD player. It recogniozed it as an MP3 and began playing the first song, I then switched it to the second song and after a few notes silence. I then tried to eject the disc and the player would not respond. I had to turn the player off and eject it before it started to play to get it out.

I then took a brand new R-CD and repeated the process. The same results, pops open at 97% complete, one player will not play it, the other starts to.

What can this be?
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