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ksdixon 08-24-2012 10:27 AM

I have set the HDPVRGE to use component cables from the rear, and to use TV 'pass through'.

- Using the bundled "ArcSoft Showbiz" software there is a 1-2 second delay on the input feed between button pressing, and feed reacting. In XSplit Broadcaster it is a 7-8 second delay - and I mean in the software itself, not the later stream which is to be expected. XSplit used to be 1:1 in time on my old capture card. The 1-2 second delay on my old USB-Live-2 capture card was solved by sticking WinTV7 into 'Game Mode' and changing from a composite wire to an S-Video. However even when Game Mode is turned on, WinTV7 only shows the 'Component' channel as black screen, with no audio.

- Hauppage say that a 1-2 second delay is to be expected as H264 models will always have a delay. H264 models are always encoding, as such there is no live mode that bypasses the encoder like the hvr models. However the seven second delay in XSplit is freaking annoying. XSplit are passing the buck claiming it's a Hauppage driver issue, and Hauppage are passing it straight back saying the problem is with XSplit. Although if Hauppage staff/users are saying XSplit are to blame, I'd also like to know how to get the HDPVRGE to work with Adobe's Flash Media Encoder 3.2, because all that software said was that there was a problem with the HDPVRGE and to check it was plugged-in and not-in-use.

- Finally I have just recorded 7 minutes of game footage to a file on my hardrive using the HDPVRGE bundled ArcSoft Showbiz software. It opens as a 39:56:24 length file in Media Player Classic, and I cannot skip to different parts of the file using the seek bar. The file plays fine in Windows Media Player, both the correct length and I am able to skip around on the seek bar - however MPC is my favorite media player and I would love to find out the cause and solution to this problem.

[OC]Pik4chu 09-14-2012 01:20 PM

I am not familiar with XSplit but I can tell you that the hauppauge people are correct. The HD PVR does have a delay in its feed to the pc. The explanation I read was that they did this so that the pass-through has top priority so you wont get any lag when actually viewing the feed and since the feed to the computer is just for recording and not using then it doesnt really matter. I still find the PVR->PC link to be pretty freaking glitchy at times tho.

As for the media player classic issue I think the solution is the k-lite codec pack as it adds the newer encoders to classic. However, personally I ended up using VLC since thats my 'standard fallback' for media and the game videos just get edited, recoded and uploaded to youtube anyways wink.gif

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