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mcf57 10-01-2012 08:21 AM

I currently have a few TIVos (SD & HD) and while I am overall happy with the TiVos themselves, I am considering other options since Comcast keeps playing games regarding the charges of their cable cards (long story). I had thought about the Moxi DVR system in the past since it could independently feed up to 3 separate HDTVs from just one M-card. However, that system pretty much went under & is no longer offered or sold to the consumer.

TiVo is suppose to be coming out with a "TiVO Mini". It would be a little box that would allow it to 'borrow' a tuner from a Premiere TiVo in your network to view material and live TV on another HDTV. It hasn't been released yet & TiVO is notorious for products being delayed so I'm not holding my breathe on this option right now either.

The only other viable option at this time that I have seen is from a company called Centon (http://cetoncorp.com/). They offer a 4-tuner PC card (PCIe or USB) that accepts cable cards. I realize I would probably need to setup a dedicated PC for this & it would be the main brains of the home DVR system. They then currently list the Xbox360 as a "media extender" so thinking this would be the way I would watch live TV on our regular HDTVs. I can pick up used ones at Gamestop for about $130. They also are planning to offer the "Echo" media extender soon too at $180.

Has anybody had any experience with using a Centon based system with cable cards for their whole home DVR solution? Just wondering how the experience is. If I use an Xbox360 as an "extender" on a HDTV, can a universal remote be programmed or learned in order to change channels with it? All my hardware/HDTVs would be hard wired networked too (no wireless) so I'm thinking this probably helps too.

I see that hauppauge offers some digital cable solutions (w/ cable cards) and am JUST starting to look into those as well, but any other suggestions for having a whole home DVR/digital cable solution? And I'm not interested in the antenna only options either so no need to even bother mentioning these options. .

Sonyad 10-28-2012 08:09 PM

Read the Home Theater Computers section for the information you need.

baeder 12-25-2012 03:35 PM

You can say this, but "over there" I sure couldn't find anything useful!

Sonyad 12-25-2012 10:09 PM

You couldn't find anything? Isn't this the forum you were checking http://www.avsforum.com/f/26/home-theater-computers? I am using a Hauppauge 2650 cablecard tuner and I got my info from that forum. I'm not doing a whole house setup, but I've seen many posts referencing that, although they are utilizing other tuner cards.

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