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donhonk 11-16-2012 11:47 PM

Yeah, does this exist or do I have to upscale my n64 and SNES to record them with every HD PVR? Thanks guys.

silent (e) 01-14-2013 01:47 AM

Did you ever figure this out? I just got a Hauppauge HDPVR Gaming Edition and was hoping to upscale my VHS deck. I haven't had any luck yet.

The composite to hdmi converter I got from Monoprice was useless. It introduced a horrible green wash to the video when it was connected to the HDPVR but not directly to the tv.

I know it can be a bit of a waste to upscale VHS but for future generations of alien historians, I want to start with a large enough recording. smile.gif


mhufnagel 01-16-2013 06:59 AM

You can still buy pc capture cards (or usb sticks) with composite/s-video inputs. Have you tried any of them?

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