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elbow513 04-11-2014 10:40 AM

Howdy AVS'ers first post here and looking for some insight from some other folks with more experience than myself. My wife and I cut the cable and currently use a Mohu Leaf for OTA TV here in Denver, CO, USA. I am looking for a fully functional PVR that will display a EPG and will let me set it up to record shows fairly easily on my living room tv. It doesn't need to be the fastest system in the world or have 17 tuners. I just want something my wife can use fairly easily. 


I have narrowed down my already built options to a Channel Master DVR+ (spendy) or the Mediasonic HW-150PVR (cheap but only 24-48 hours out with the EPG and looks slightly annoying to navigate the menus)


I am fairly tech savy and enjoy a good challenge and that's why I'm looking to build my own box too, if someone can confirm that it would work and that it'd serve my needs before I go spending all the money only to have it not work.


I've seen this ECS KBN-I/2100 AMD E1-2100 Dual Core processor Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU/VGA Combo on slickdeals for $35. I've been researching openelec, mythtv, xbmc etc. my question is if anyone has used this board or anything similarly and had any success. I'd be looking into a PCI or USB TV tuner and using the box as a front and back end box all in one behind my TV. If i buy this board/processor combo and throw in 4gb ram, a 2TB HDD, a power supply and the tuner all into a case, I'd probably come in below the Channel Master but have a lot more functionality and have a very pretty UI interface with the XBMC PVR. 


Any input/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks a ton and I look forward to joining this new community!

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