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Smolenski7 04-16-2014 08:07 PM

I would like some opinions on my setup. I currently have a new Samsung HDTV with Directv ready and several HDDVR's. Tomorrow I'm getting a new Genie.

Should I....

1. Place the Genie in the living room and keep all of the other DVR's in the house so that I can record up to 9 shows at once and have about 2TB's of recording space?

2. Forget about the older DVR's and replace them with the Genie clients? Yes, this will reduce my recording space, but it will eliminate wires.

3. Place the Genie in the playroom, away from the living room, to take advantage of the Samsung Directv Ready television so that I have a cleaner look in the Living room, ie no boxes?

rad 04-16-2014 08:56 PM

If you have the HD DVR's now I'd just add the Genie to your existing comfiguration, no need to switch to the mini clients.

I'd also say don't go with the Samsung RVU client, at least based on my experience with it on a UN40ES6100, DVR control performance bad.

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