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I have a HR-34 and another box that is a little older then that I believe. I don't have them here at where I am right now but was thinking about having them sent out to me. I know that they can never be used again with DirectTV because when my father passed away, I wanted to transfer the account into my name and use them because I paid for them. So I am sure they are black listed now. They said they would not do that so I was really upset and never paid them (or the left over bill since it was in my father's name anyway). I now have two higher end boxes (at that time) and I started to think, is there a way to reprogram them and use them as a DVR for my current service or some way put MythTV or something of the such on them and use them? Any ideas would be great! I think it would be a fun project to work on and would love to make use of them. Thank you for any information on it. 



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The only mistake you made was calling them and saying he has passed. You could have used his name and just ask for the equipment to be moved to your place. You are aware of the fact that it's DirecTV property and that they may send a box to have it returned. As for hacking it, there is nothing you can do with DirecTV equipment other use as a door stop. There is another forum called DBSTalk.Com that may give you better advice than I can.
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Yes, that is what I did.  I thought I could have just transferred it into my name but they would not let me do it.  I paid for the boxes with my credit card, my father didn't and for them to tell me I had to open my own account, I was not happy about it at all!  They wanted me to return their equipment and pay for the box again.  I told them, it's not in my name, my fathers and if they want to be like this I will just keep the boxes.  They said if that is what I want to do, they cannot do anything about it and it was my choice. They did send me boxes to send them buck but I didn't.  I do know that the boxes are now black listed and cannot be used any longer.  Could I sell them on ebay (making sure I let them know they are black listed) would anyone be interested in buying them?


Thank you for the other forum.  I will check it out.  But as far as hacking it, there is no way to flash the firmware or do any hardware mods to make it work as a PVR or what not?  I really would like to use them for something if I can...(the only thing I can think about doing with them is take the hard drives out of them... I am not sure if there is anything else in there I can use for maybe making my own HTPC?


Thank you again for your help..

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With DirecTV, you do now OWN the equipment . What you paid was a leasing fee. Send them back and forget or you may get charge a purchase price. If you don't know have to play the game don't play or you get played.
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