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Deacom's Avatar Deacom 02:12 PM 03-01-2004

I have been tracking these guys for about six months, and it looks like they are getting close to actually delivering products - i've seen May as the target. If delivered as promised, I'm pretty excited.

Here are a few things this can do:
* Pause a live network mini-series in the den, get ready for bed and
resume the show from your pillow without missing a minute.
* Download a video-on-demand movie from the Internet to your PC, but
gather round the family room TV to watch it.
* Pop a disk into the bedroom DVD player, then view it in the family room.

Basically it's an intelligent software app that runs on a home PC, and a set of ethernet connected "adapters" which are little Linux boxes, one for encoding up to 4 sources (sits next to the "source" boxes - DVD, satellite, cable), and the other for playback (sits next to a TV, accepts IR).

Has anyone on this forum seen this thing in action (at CES)? I am a DirecTivo user and was about to make the jump to a multi-room SageTV setup. But this seems to do everything Sage can do and more for less $$ and less maintenance.

I just hope it works, reliably.

- Deacom

jehlinger's Avatar jehlinger 09:46 AM 03-09-2004
Sounds very interesting.

Hopefully the individual components won't be too pricey. Sounds like I would need more wireless bridges, or to hard-wire the house for cat5. Oh well, I already have two bridges, so one or two more wouldn't break the bank.