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zorlac's Avatar zorlac 03:39 PM 05-05-2004
I purchased a DVR40 from a dealer that was using it as a demo. He had a dealer demo card (which he kept, of course) and DTV apparantly forced a download of a special demo version software when he activated it.

Everything works as expected, but the demo nag will popup if you watch one channel for about 15 minutes. It doesn't do it during playback of recorded shows. This is highly annoying. You have to quickly grab the remote and click on continue a couple of times to get rid of it.

I suspect I need to get a hold of a "normal user" software version and use WinHEX to load it.

Any thoughts or ideas on this?

Steve Mehs's Avatar Steve Mehs 06:38 PM 05-05-2004
Hi Zorlac, try going to DirecTV Central->Messages & Set Up->Phone & Recorder Set Up->Phone Connection->Make Daily Call Now. This will force the TiVo to dial out and look for updates or changes and see if the receiver will download a different s/w version. If that doesn't solve the problem, please go to AVS' sister site, the TiVo Community Forums and post your question there. Since AVS and TiVo Forums are on two different servers, I can't move your post so I will close it.
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