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PlainShane's Avatar PlainShane 01:19 AM 08-09-2004
*will post link after 3 posts* Hauppauge PCI TV/FM Tuner Card, Model "WinTV-dbx(WINTV401)" -RETAIL

That is the link to the TV Tuner card I am looking at. Note: I just registered, and got very confused by which forum to put this in but this looked the best, sorry if it is the wrong one.

Now my budget is right at that $70 price tag, maybe up $5 or so max. Now I need this card to mainly record xbox footage, maybe a few episodes of my favorite TV shows of the box sets that I already purchased so it will be legal. Yeah.. So I know slim to nothing about these TV Tuner cards, can anyone please inform me if this card can adequetely peform the jobs listed above, and does it come equipped with the necessasry cables and all to do it? Also, how would I plug all this in, put the main cable in the card, out the card, into my vcr, out my vcr, into the tv? The signal will be crap...

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PlainShane's Avatar PlainShane 09:42 PM 08-11-2004
Bump, and now here is the link to the card:
brimagick's Avatar brimagick 09:55 PM 09-09-2004
I picked up this card at Fry's over the weekend for about $70. To be honest the sound quality was great, but the PVR software bundled w/ it was sorely lacking, and the picture quality was less than optimal. I had better luck w/ the Leadtek 2000XP Expert (about 49 bucks at Fry's, newegg has it for 50 something).

The BEST results I have had so far are with a Viewsonic NextVision N4. It is an external tuner, meaning it is hardware based but gives near perfect results - aside from the darks being a bit too dark (as was the case w/ all tv cards I tried on my lcd monitor) the quality was amazing. I'm not sure if this will work, but you might want to investigate whether some standalone or opensource PVR software could work with this.

Some additional pro's for this "box" include multiple inputs (for things such as your Xbox) as well as the ability to watch tv w/ the computer turned off.

Usually runs close to 100, even newegg has it for 95, but Tigerdirect has some refurbs right now for about 60 dollars.
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