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Sorry for the "teaser" subject line, but I thought this was very interesting. I did a search on "Moxi" in the Cable, DBS (non-HDTV) forum, and found this juicy little tidbit of info. It's long, but quite revealing......

OK I talked to my contact and he has told me the following information. Here goes for whats its worth. No matter what system they use it will use existing wiring. This means no special multiswitch or going into the attic like most of the distrobution solutions out today. Now from what he knows is that DirecTV is trying to get Tivo to add support for software to allow using existing coax. Right now its not as simple as adding a driver for network cards. It needs a complete rewrite of code with software to allow server client communication via an unused transponder on SAT A so all customers can use this without needing anything but the basic dish. Now Tivo is telling DirecTV to do this themselves because they have no benefit in this and to be honest I can't blame Tivo for saying this but on the other hand I'm not sure if Tivo is even saying this either. I'm leaning towards DirecTV being at fault knowing Murdock.

He also said they are looking at Moxi and the Sky+ box but they are leaning towards the Moxi way more than the Sky+ box because of all the problems they are having with the Sky+ box. They are looking at Moxi because it seems like they could offer them a working box before Tivo can rewrite their software but they would like to stay with Tivo so they don't have to deal with customer confusion and further their support for Tivo.

But what they did say was that they wouldn't offer support for HMO in Tivos current form because of support costs and quality of service based on conditions they can't control such as the layout of a house or other wireless devices such as cordless phones and microwaves. So they want to add HMO but they want these two things. They want an intergrated system that will give quality control to reduce support costs so that all that is needed is a software update and the customer will have additional features without sending out a tech or having to do anything. They also would like to allow customers without DVR boxes to watch a recorded show. So for example I could watch a recorded show on my Zenith SAT-520. They could do this because they could use freed transponders to talk to the other DVRs in the house. So they could assign the FF, RW and pause buttons on my Zenith SAT-520 box to send that command to the DVR when on a certain transponder. They would use it as another channel like they do today. So when I press FF it would send a command to the DVR that is playing it that would tell the DVR to FF and what is playing on the non DVR box would be exactly what is being seen on the DVR. Now they would like to use the Moxi because that would allow them to output more streams than what the single box can record. So the box could record two shows live but it can either playback, record and/or watch live shows in upto 4 rooms.

If they used the Tivo boxes they could only allow me to playback upto 2 streams while recording streams because of its hardware ability. The HD Tivo has enough hardware to do this job. This is a tough call but they have to make a choice on whats best for the customer and I have to say that the Moxi box would be best IMO but I would have to use it for a month to really decide. But he did say that with their Moxi box being made in volume between the cable providers that they could made the SD version to offer it free via 1 year agreement and be able to sell the HD version with OTA tuner for under 200 bucks out costs and they may even rent this box for customers. He did say that the hardware would be the same as in the cable versions but the software would be different for satellite use.

So this is a choice that they have to make as well. Would they offer a 1 grand HD Tivo they can't get out fast enough that doesn't have HMO or should they go with an HD Moxi box that is being made in volume for less than 1 quarter of the cost of an HD Tivo that they can pump out quickly to customers and allow HMO abilities that they can afford to rent or sell and support via their protection plan. I would have to think about this hardly. Now I love Tivo and love it to death having 3 SD and 1 HD Tivo but I'm not sure that DirecTV can survive with this slowdown that DirecTV can't be blamed for all the way. Right now DirecTV is a business that is trying to get customers and soon cable will be able to offer an HD DVR with a HMO ability that Scientific Atlanta is working on right now for a decent rental. Now we have Voom that will soon offer an HD DVR with HMO ability and will most likely rent the HD Server and sell the client boxes. I won't even say anything about Dish Network. Now we have DirecTV with an HD Tivo selling for at the least 750 bucks with no HMO ability. As a business would that gain you new customers and will it cause you to lose customers. I say the answer is no you won't gain new customers with those features in mind and you will lose customers who want those feature.

I think this Moxi could be a future decision that they have to make for their future to be secured and I think they have to do this even if it means eventually Tivo but maybe this will get Tivo to get on the ball. This isn't all DirecTVs fault. Yes Tivo does have software ready to go for HMO but I can understand why DirecTV hasn't offer it yet and even though those who will use it are techys I promise you that will call at least once over this and if you don't know how much it costs to take a call you will crap your pants when you find out. Now DirecTV has given Tivo a chance to rewrite their code for what they want and if Tivo doesn't want or can't do this task this isn't DirecTVs fault. If their current provider can't provide what they want than that customer can get another provider that can just like we as consumers can choose Voom over DirecTV for HD content. DirecTV isn't doing anything different than what we do all the time in life. We look for what we want at the best price we can get.
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