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portishead's Avatar portishead 06:28 PM 10-17-2004
I just got this moto 6208 from comcast. When I switch from any input, to the HDMI input, the screen has a bad resolution. It is the same picture overlapping in the top portion of the screen. I can easily fix it, but pressing pause with the DVR feature, and "Live" again, and it fixes itself. It only happens when I go to HD channels from other inputs. It doesn't happen with the HD dvd player (samsung) that I have. Should I be concerned? Thanks.

scooter71x's Avatar scooter71x 09:25 PM 11-01-2004
I just had my HDTV hooked up last week with this box 6208. I have tried to figure out if my box is junk or my new TV. I have this shadowing with darker colors. And when i hooked up the DVI cable i lose the color so bad i have to max out TV color button? I'm still trying to figure this one out. So let me know if you have any luck.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 06:27 AM 11-02-2004

What HD setting are you using with the 6208? Turn the box off and press menu. If you have a digital display like LCD/LCOS/DLP, you should be using 720p. If have have a CRT or CRT rear projection display, you should be using 1080i.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 06:28 AM 11-02-2004

The various controls on the TV (color, contrast, and tint) work together for the color rendition. One setting alone is not responsible.

You probably need to do one of two things. Either connect an upconverting DVI/HDMI DVD player to your TV and run through the AVIA or Digital Video Essentials calibration disks, or switch to component.
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