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3mar67's Avatar 3mar67 08:50 PM 10-27-2004
I just bought a 42 inch Sony LCD rear projection set.
I'd like to hook it up with cable (no box...just cable straight from the wall) satellite receiver and RCA PVR recorder. The satellite box will use S-Cable connector and the PVR will use component cables. I don't have a clue how to hook them up together. I tried some trial and error combos but could never get it right. Can anybody help? It would be greatly appreciated.

MethodMachine's Avatar MethodMachine 08:58 PM 10-27-2004
If your PVR is a RCA DRC-7005 or DRS-7000, then you will not have any guide data for satellite service. It should handle your analog cable fine. You can also hook up a satellite receiver to it an do manual records.
bfdtv's Avatar bfdtv 07:56 AM 10-28-2004

You bought the wrong type of PVR recorder for satellite service. For DirecTV, you should have called DirecTV and ordered the DirecTivo directly from them for $49-$99. For Dish, you probably should have leased their DVR for $5/mo.

I'm not sure what the options are for Canadian DBS service.
3mar67's Avatar 3mar67 09:01 AM 10-28-2004
I picked up a refurbished unit at a good it would be a shame not to be able to use it. That's why I have this particular PVR. I'm sure I can incorporate it somehow.
MethodMachine's Avatar MethodMachine 04:12 PM 10-28-2004
I recommend the following setup:

#########(analog cable on COAX)###[RF-IN on RCA DVR]

[satellite receiver]-----(composite video)-->[Composite IN on RCA DVR]--->out to TV
[satellite receiver]-----(other output)---------------------------------------------->TV
If your DVR came with an IR blaster, you can hook that up so the DVR can change channels on your sat receiver. You won't be able to get guide data for the satellite service, but you should be able set up manual recording.
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