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The 8300 has the following 4 options:

Pass through

I am running this into my :D Sony KDF-60xbr950 :D Just got it!

I am currently using component video.

When switching through these options, I don't see a difference in picture properties. Is this something that would only be noticeable via the HDMI output?

Also what would be the scenarios where one option would be better than the other?

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Fixed= Set top will output the selected mode from the set top to the TV all the time.
Example: The box is set to output at 1080i all the time, No matter what the content is.

Pass-through= Set top will pass whatever res is on the input/source to the TV.
Example: 480 input source will go out at 480, 720 in will go out at 720.

The benefit of Pass-through is less conversion of the orig. source. Your set will convert to it's native resolution or selected setting with no conversion form the set top.

I can't remember what setting Up convert 1& 2 are, sorry.

Hoped that helped a bit.

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Old 02-04-2005, 08:54 AM
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Whew! This took some digging but I found it on another forum and thought it would be worth posting here:

8300 Picture Format Summary:

Fixed - Displays all content at whatever resolution you selected, based on what you selected in the wizard. You force the output to a single output and the box scales to that input. Easily changed in the settings menu of the box.

Pass Through - Passes the input signal through to the output with no change, unless you disable certain resolutions. For example 480i in to 480i out, 480P in to 480P out, 1080i in to 1080i out, 720P in to 720P out. If you disable 720P, 720P in will go to 1080i out.

Auto HDMI/DVI - If you are using the HDMI port, you will see this option instead of the Pass Through option. Resolution is automatically formatted to the scan rate supported by the TV.

UpConvert 1 - All 480i and 480P signals get upconverted to 480P. All 720P and 1080i signals get upconverted to 1080i.

UpConvert 2 - All 480i and 480P signals get upconverted to 480P. All 720P and 1080i signals get converted to 720P
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I find anecdotally (if that is a word) that I prefer Fixed at 1080i. My pioneer elite Pro 610 HD RPTV does not have 720p. All HD stations get converted to 1080i, and other stations get upconverted. If I want to quickly switch to the native format (sometimes this appears clearer or allows me to change the screen size in a better way using my TV controls), I can easily change it with the settings button.

If on the other hand I choose pass through as a choice, it seems the quick choice to modify my screen resolution is diabled, and you need to go back to this choice to change it.

By the way thanks for the info about upconvert 1 and 2, it is certainly not well documented with anything they give you, and I could not figure it out by just trying them.
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