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lgussow's Avatar lgussow 04:01 PM 01-11-2005
Just got a dual tuner DVR from Comcast. It is connected to the TV, but I'm also trying to connect it through a DVD recorder into a second TV input. Used RCA connectors from DVR-out to DVD in. Get nothing but a blue screen. the DVD -> TV connection is good, since DVD's play fine. Any suggestions? Thanks. Gus

Stingray1's Avatar Stingray1 07:31 PM 01-11-2005
If you're using the SA8000HD, it won't output to the component out and composite/S video out at the same time. To get program to your DVD recorder - record to you DVR hard drive then use the "copy to VCR" mode to download to DVD recorder. You can still use the SA8000HD to record, play other recorded programs , or watch a live channel while doing the download. Its a little awkward but not too bad once you get used to the process.
gillcup's Avatar gillcup 07:25 PM 01-16-2005

Could you explain what "copy to VCR" mode is?
SonomaSearcher's Avatar SonomaSearcher 11:37 AM 01-17-2005
Since not all dual tuner cable DVR's are the same, it is necessary to describe the brand/model that you have. Also, describe the software/guide it uses. And your specific location is always helpful.

Moved this thread since it does not concern HD issues.
Stingray1's Avatar Stingray1 08:14 PM 01-18-2005
gillcup - to use the "copy to VCR" mode on the SA8000HD, press the "mydvr" button in the upper center of the remote. This will bring up a list of the recorded programs on the DVR hard drive. Highlight the recording you wish to copy, press the select button - the menu that pops up will contain a "copy to VCR" option.
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