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I have 3 DTV DVRs and am looking to upgrade to Hi-def - currently have 1 HD tv (36" tube) and looking to buy a 60" DLP once the 1080is are released to replace a 53" 4*3 in my home theatre setup within the next few months. Both TVs have the DVRs connected. Best buy has a sale on the DTV HD DVRs this weekend (10%) + 2 year financing so it makes it easier to buy at least one, maybe 2 this weekend. For the room that doesn't have the HD TV, i could at least take advantage of the high drive capacity vs. the 35 hours i currently have.
My questions revolves around buying/upgrading from someone other than DTV

1. I assume i could just swap out the older std DVR for the new HD DVR -correct? So I woudn't need any professional installation? I have 2 lines running to both DVRs - so the 2 tuners are available

2. On the DTV website, they offer the DVR, Off air antenna & installation for a little bit more than just the DVR - So I assume I need the antenna to pull in HD signals - right now i have a set-top antenna, but it doesn't integrate with the DVR i currently have, but if i'm going to go with multiple HD DVRs, it seems to make more sense to integrate an off-air antenna into the satellite configuration - correct? If so, does it make more sense to get the professional installation from DTV or is it a easy installation? (I assume the professional install would actually hook/integrate the off-air antenna with all receivers - is this correct?)

Also: I have the Triple LNB dish going to the Terk 5*8 multiswitch. 5 of the ports go to the three receivers - two are using the dual tuner, the other, 1 tuner - i figured i'd leave the other 3 open for other rooms, of which one will probably have 2 assigned to it once i swap out the regular dvr for the HD dvr.
I currently have a TERK antenna for the 36 HD tv, but since it's not "wired" in to the DVR i miss out on the TIVO functionality. I figured having an antenna integrated into dish would be more effective, but didnt think i could do it myself.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. It's not that I want to "go cheap", but i dont' want to pay $100 if it's a pretty simple situation.
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