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BitFlipper's Avatar BitFlipper 12:25 PM 04-15-2006
Originally Posted by pierrebnh
My experience has been very positive with Comcast when it comes to getting newer boxes. You can try the online chat off the [comcast] site to ask instead of calling too.

Personally, I'm sticking with my ph. 2 and the DVI since the HDMI Ph. 3 has too many potential problems for my liking right now.
Yea, I called them and they are coming on Monday morning to swap it for a phase III box. So I am pretty happy about that. The weird thing though is that the woman I spoke to said that I can choose either HDMI or DVI for the output option. I currently have a DVI-HDMI cable but thought HDMI might have some advantage over DVI so I said I want the HDMI version.

Now I wonder if I should call again and ask for the DVI version (if what she says is true and you can really get phase III in a DVI version). Does anyone know if there is a big advantage of HDMI over DVI (other than including audio, but I am not using the TV's speakers so it is of no concern to me).

Also, I'd have to buy my own HDMI-HDMI cable so that is a disadvantage for me. This coupled with the reported issues with HDMI versions makes it look less atrractive.

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shane55's Avatar shane55 12:29 PM 04-17-2006
Hey BitFlipper.
Why not just get an adapter (DVI -> HDMI) instead of a new cable?

cwerdna's Avatar cwerdna 01:36 AM 04-19-2006
Originally Posted by BitFlipper
I used TiVo before I bought my HDTV last weekend, and I must say as far as the DVR user experience goes, it is a giant step backwards. Hopefully in the newer versions they at least attempted to improve the user experience a bit (biggest gripe: why can I only do a find on SD channels, but not on HD channels?). On the plus side, dual tuners and HD are two huge advantages over my old TiVo.

So does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to approach Comcast to get a newer box? Does anyone have an idea if Comcast in the East Bay Area (San Francisco, California) have the newer DCT-6430 units?
What software is on your box? Is it iGuide, Passport or something else? It's likely not MSTV since AFAIK that's only being deployed in the Seattle and Spokane, WA areas.
inaka's Avatar inaka 05:36 PM 04-20-2006
Originally Posted by bbbobbb
I just checked last night after noticing that the 6412 was being really slow to Tucson, COMCAST, my 6412 PIII now has 12.31!

And the DD 5.1 playback now works!
Thanks for the heads up. I had the 12.13 old firmware for the longest time and just for kicks I checked the firmware today and it too got upgraded to 12.31!!

I was able to hook things back up via HDMI>DVI and toslink/optical audio to my receiver and I get 5.1 on recorded shows. Sweet!
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