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craige17's Avatar craige17 07:28 PM 08-20-2005
I have an SA 8300 HD box through cablevision in NJ hooked up to a high def Panasonic Plasma TV. Right now when I want to watch something in HD I have to manually tell the SA8300 to switch to an HD mode (like 720p or 1080i) before it will send an HD signal to the TV. What a pain, since most channels I watch aren't in HD!

Is there someway to configure the box so it knows which channels are HD our auto detects them and switches automatically?


daveok's Avatar daveok 01:00 PM 08-22-2005
My provider for my 8300HD is Cox cable.
Did you set your Picture Formats with the Setup Wizard? My 8300 came with a Quick Reference Guide which explains the procedure. If you didn't receive any setup information, you need to contact your provider.
cmatthews's Avatar cmatthews 09:49 AM 09-13-2005
I have the same box with cablevision in new jersey, and I picked up some helpful tips from a thread abouth the 8300. In the settings menu, under picture settings, you can set your box to pass through the signal to your TV. That way whatever the signal is, 1080 or 480, etc., the TV will get it. This also helped me with formatting. To fill my screen, I had to keep changing the zoom settings and picture formats on the TV. With the box set to pass through the signal, I can leave my TV format on 16:9, and all channels are displayed correctly in that format.
snowjay's Avatar snowjay 10:06 AM 09-13-2005
I have cablevision in NY. Make sure you select all formats from the set up screen except the 480i/p widescreen versions.

Then press the settings key twice on the CV remote and change the picture format to pass though.

This allows the native signal to be sent to the tv as opposed to letting the 8300 do the conversions.

If you leave your plasma in Just mode all SD channels will be stretched and any 4:3 content on an HD channel can be stretched simply by pushing the # on the CV remote.
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